Wikileaks Julian Assange Warns of Deep State Coup led by Clinton


Yesterday evening Wikileaks founder Julien Assange posted 3 tweets detailing revelations regarding a Clinton led Deep State coup being plotted against President Trump. The allegations are shocking but, in light of how shocking the details regarding the CIA released via the Vault 7 dump last week, the potential validity should not be too surprising for serious observers. Below are the initial tweets sent out by Assange.



If these tweets carry credence, something that much of what Assange speaks lends itself too as the famed Whistle Blower has never made a habit out of blasting baseless accusations on social media before, then the belief behind the Deep State moving against a threat to its existence, i.e. President Trump, is suddenly a very real issue. Vice President Mike Pence was quick to dismiss the allegations, but the first tweet indicates that Clinton views Pence as a weak opponent which would lead one to believe that even if he were not a willing pawn, he could still very well be a useful pawn in the eyes of Clinton.

Political coups are nothing new in the United States, from one of the earliest examples being the “Business Plot” exposed by Marine Corp General Smedley Butler to the JFK assassination there is precedent for politically motivated coups. Of course, one need only look at General Michael Flynn, who was clearly the target of a political assassination led by the Deep State and its establishment shills who are eager to ensure the survival of the engineered enmity between Russia and the U.S.

It is not too hard to fathom how this could be played out, or at least attempted. The one recurring theme since November 8th has been an all out, non-stop campaign to undermine and delegitimize President Trump, even before he was sworn into office. This week thankfully led to the end of one of the louder drums that has been beaten ad nauseum by the Mainstream, that of President Trumps Tax Returns. The deflation of the “Trump Tax Scandal” has helped to expose the lies perpetrated by the establishment against the current POTUS and, by extension, added validity to evidence of a controlled narrative being used to dethrone the current leader.

Much of the narrative will now undoubtedly shift back to the “Russian hacking” conspiracy that is being thrust upon us by an establishment who refuses to back down and cooperate with a President that it must now recognize as a threat. Of course, this will probably revolve around the upcoming testimony by FBI Director James Comey, who has yet to give his full support to the allegations, before congress. Then there was the recent attempt to force the resignation¬†of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the latest target of a Deep State that had no doubt been emboldened by their victory against General Flynn.

Pieces of the puzzle are slowly becoming clearer for those who are willing to step back and view the greater story that is unfolding. The startling exposure of CIA hacking capabilities last week by Wikileaks revealed a massive stockpile of foreign cyber weapons the CIA has stolen and stored for a rainy day dubbed UMBRAGE. These programs can be used by the CIA to conceivably plant False Flag cyber attacks and attribute them to foreign powers and governments. This would be awfully convenient to allow for some sort of Russian “fingerprint” to be left for the vigilant, justice minded investigations into the alleged election tampering being led by Congress. Breitbart exposed the committee for only interviewing technical experts from Crowdstrike, a tech firm employed by the DNC.

The idea of impeachment has been bandied about for sometime now, being used endlessly on social media and certain Mainstream media sites no doubt in an attempt to help make the idea more palatable and acceptable to an increasingly skeptical public. Although the “Russian Dossier” that was supposedly released by an out of work former British spy has been quickly swept under the rug as its validity was increasingly scrutinized and found to be questionable at best, the Deep State and the establishment will not let the subject die. Neo-Con Warhawk John McCain went on the record last week with the bold statement that there “are lots of shoes to drop” yet regarding the alleged Russian connections. He of course quickly stated that he does not believe anyone is guilty until proven so, but he accomplished his goal of bringing the topic back to the public limelight.

There is also another possible reason for the continued rhetoric that is not often spoken of. For as long as this drivel continues to spew forth from the establishment and its shills, President Trump will be forced to tread carefully in his dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Anything too overtly friendly, say a sudden easing of the sanctions placed against the nation in retaliation for its “aggressive” seizure of Crimea, would allow for the sheeple to bleat on about how any positive action towards Russian relations is President Trumps gift for Russia hacking him into office as their own, absurd, Manchurian Candidate. This of course allows for the saber rattling to continue at the behest of the Deep State Ne0-Cons and its globalist masters and forces the U.S. to stay locked into a course of frigid relations with its eastern neighbor. That is a win for an establishment who eliminated President Trumps first National Security Adviser, a man who carried an unpopular opinion in Washington that called for better relations with Russia.

Ultimately, the Russian-Trump “connection” will inevitably continue for quite sometime into the foreseeable future but these allegations by Assange would encourage the public to stay alert and awake to what the congressional investigation claims to yield and listen for the word impeachment because a coup of this potential magnitude by Americas Deep State has not been seen since the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

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