Big Brother CIA exposed by Latest Wikileaks Release


In what should be well known news, regardless of the Mainstreams attempt to silence and distort fact, Wikileaks has released the first round of documents in its much hyped Vault 7 CIA releases, comprising what it calls “the tip of the iceberg”. The magnitude of what has been released is comparable to the bombshells released on the NSA’s spying and monitering programs that whistle-blower Edward Snowden bravely leaked several years ago.

What has been revealed is a Central Intelligence Agency that is a near autonomous and all powerful monster that was left unchained and pumped full of money and resources behind the curtains of the Obama administration. The problems of the CIA, its dangers to American liberty and government as well as its clear dangers to governments and peoples around the world has been a heated point of debate for decades, essentially since its fingerprints were all over the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the first American president to defiantly go to war with the agency, and the questionably suspect Warren Commission that was specially crafted and manipulated to “investigate” the murder. President Truman, the POTUS who allowed the creation of this monstrosity, spent his later years lamenting his allowance for its birth and decrying the entities existence.

Wikileaks continues its war against oppression, tyranny and deceit with this latest bombshell and, almost tauntingly, states that these 8,761 pages of documentation represent 1% of what information they currently have lined up for release in regards to the CIA and the Vault 7 project.

Below is a brief summary of the highlights from the March 6th initial data dump from Wikileaks :

Zero Day Exploits Hoarded : Counter to the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, a commitment from the Obama administration that any vulnerabilities discovered by intelligence agencies would be disclosed to manufacturers, the CIA hoarded hundreds of exploits that allowed to them to infect a multitude of Windows, Android and Iphone devices with monitoring software.

“Weeping Angel” Malware : This program was developed in a collaboration between the CIA and the United Kingdom’s MI5 and allows for the infection of certain Samsung smart TVs. The program allows users to operate in a “Fake Off” setting that records audio and transmits it to the intelligence agency.

Vehicular Infection for Silent Assassinations :  Documents reveal projects that could allow for infection of automobiles which would in turn allow the operator to disable certain functions such as brakes or take control of acceleration or steering controls in order to perform nearly undetectable murders.

Malware that can Infect Windows, Linux and Apple OSx  and Routers: With thousands of programs developed and stockpiled, the CIA is able to infect millions of devices worldwide through the use of “automated multi-platform malware attack and control systems”. These include viruses that can “Air Jump” from static media such as CD’s and DVD’s, “Hammer Drill”,  as well as USB drives.

CIA Hacker Base situated in the German Consulate in Frankfurt : The startling exposure of an deeply situated CIA base for hacking and covert intelligence operations is perhaps one of the most notable nuggets of intel released. Documents show the ease with which this operation has been conducted and reveals the scope and reach of the CIA’s espionage operations while bringing into question its motives and what meddling and interference has been delivered to Europe and the Middle East from this base.



Project Umbrage : This topic may have some of the most pertinent relevance to the current political drama involving President Trump and Russia that currently surrounds Washington. This project is what essentially amounts to thousands of stockpiled cyber weapons that the CIA has stolen from foreign governments and is able to use in order to perform cyber attacks that could then be used to plant “fingerprints” that would lead the victims to attribute the attack not to the CIA but to the country who the agency decides to blame. This is one of the most dangerous revelations in the leak as it allows for a multitude of “False Flag” attacks to be used to manipulate public and government perspectives, both nationally and globally, in order to engineer conflicts and confrontations. Anyone familiar with Operation Northwoods, an attempt by the CIA to engineer a False Flag attack that would permit public acceptance of an invasion of Cuba in 1962 which was vehemently rejected by President Kennedy, will appreciate the gravity of UBRAGE’s revelation. Of course, this could also explain how the CIA could conceivably be the perpetrators of the alleged Russian hacking. This could also explain why the bureaucrats in Washington and the intelligence agencies refuse to release any “evidence” to the public.

Cyber Weapon Proliferation : The most distressing discovery made from this data dump may well be the fact that the CIA has lost control over many of its exploits and weapons through employee and contractor ex-filtration of programs. Many of these programs are now roaming freely and can be used by their owners to accomplish damaging attacks and perform invasive spying.

Also of note below is a periscope interview conducted by Assange after the release that was delivered via Twitter :

Of course much of this has been ignored by many in the Mainstream Media as establishment shills and puppets attempt to institute damage control and distract the public attention. Much of the narrative now being directed at Wikileaks and Julien Assange center around the organizations criminality and how dangerous its desire for truth apparently is. Many politicians are renewing their call for the silencing of Assange and the destruction of Wikileaks, with Vice President Pence being the most notable of these men calling for the detainment and prosecution of Assange. Which is slightly curious considering that the evidence released in the exposure of UMBRAGE could potentially expose the CIA for planting a False Flag with the Russian hacking narrative and provide relief from the constant accusations that the administration he is Vice President of faces daily. Wikileaks has proved to be an inconvenient bastion of truth and a major outlet for whistleblowers who continue to lead the fight for liberty and freedom through transparency and truth.

This is obviously counter productive to the Deep State and the globalist elites who desire to pull strings and control the populations they are over. This latest strike against them by Wikileaks has revealed a near autonomous and all powerful Intelligence Agency, one that has been empowered beyond what is safe or logical and is clearly capable of directly influencing and control the path and direction of American politics and the actions of the nations government.



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