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Who is George Soros anyways? Many who are following current events, especially those who use the ever more faulty Mainstream Media, may only know the name in passing if at all. Yet, the Hungarian born super billionaire investment magnate has his fingers in almost every aspect of the prominent issues that plague not only our nation but the world as a whole.

If there were an archetype character for the globalist elites, it would be this man.

Soros’ family fled Nazi-controlled Hungary when he was young and landed in England where he spent most of his formative years. For those with rose tinted glasses, he is a self made man who has painted a public image that is quite different from the realities of his goals and agendas. One can hardly search for the man on the internet without finding “philanthropist” attached to the moguls name. Sadly though that could not be further from the truth, his globalist goals and outspoken ideas about a world with no national borders, as dangerous as they are as an ideal are pushed relentlessly forward with despicable tactics and manipulations.

Hailed as a champion of the progressive globalist mindset and one of the main forces behind the cabal of the Davos elites, Bilderberg Group and other elite globalist organizations, Soros is a dangerous force, one that has little love for the American ideal and it’s national identity or pride, As far as the master puppeteer is concerned, open societies are the future and if he had his way, they would replace the current structure of national identities and borders that comprise the modern global order. His disdain for the populist movement is highlighted by claiming that President Trump and his movement “…stands for the other form of government that is the opposite of open society.” Soros brazenly labels this form of government as a “dictatorship”, a claim he is fond of in his smear to label the President as a Fascist. These statements were parsed from an interview he gave at the Davos meeting this year, the video is shown below.

Of course, as the November election showed, a surge in populism and nationalism in modern America has soundly rejected the carefully constructed one world plan that has been methodically implemented by the socialist progressives who enjoyed free reign under Obama. This represents the antithesis to Soros’ beliefs and vision, President Trump is the flag bearer for this movement in the United States and his election has only served to embolden liberty minded populists, conservatives and even moderate progressives who became disillusioned with an increasingly radical liberal party.

This has of course led to the firestorm that President Trump must face as the lightening rod for any opposition to the globalist agenda. Soros has wasted little time slandering, attacking and quietly propping up and funding various activist groups that continue to attack the President and his supporters. To help maintain narratives and manipulate perceptions while furthering the spread of his agenda, Soros has been linked to more than 30 different media and news outlets. In a report written by Dan Gainor in 2011, he highlights Soros connections to the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post, The New York Times, The Associated Press and the now infamous 1.8 Million that he donated to NPR. Then there is the Investigative Organization, ProPublica, a shamelessly leftist puppet that specializes in smear jobs and hit pieces that further the progressive narrative.

However, the biggest new player on the block  may well be Media Matters. This is an organization funded heavily by Soros, that much like ProPublica is an aggressive leftist media group that targets and attacks anything counter to the progressive ideoloy. Recently it was revealed by The Washington Examiner to be quietly working with Facebook and Google to aid in the censorship of “Fake News”. This is of course a blatant move to cherry pick what news is acceptable for the masses, feeding propaganda and hiding truth. This is also the same organization that was exposed for targeting right-wing news site, Breitbart, in an attempt to silence the alternative media powerhouse. Thought policing anyone? Well, this is the desire for Soros and the progressive elites, a desire that is all the more possible with the introduction of bills that encroach on the First Amendment such as the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 or the Countering Foreign Propaganda bill inserted into last years update to the NDAA, something we covered recently.

Soros uses his Open Societies Foundation, or OSF, to funnel donations and funding into numerous different political and activist organizations. One recipient of Soros’ philanthropy, MoveOn.org, has garnered much attention recently for its roles in organizing many of the Black Lives Matter riots that rocked Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland and Charlotte, North Carolina last year. The “protest” in Charlotte revealed the “for hire” nature of the thugs that were lured nationally to partake in the violence. The Washington Times exposed Soros for funding the BLM movements various supporters with over 30 Million dollars.

The site also proudly accepts responsibility for instigating the majority of the largest and most violent anti-Trump protests both before and after the election. Many of these so called peaceful protests, much like those that centered around the Black Lives Matter movement, were not so peaceful in effect and quickly degraded into violent, thuggish and destructive riots. These movements have also led to two separate incidents of harm or death occurring due to roads being obstructed by the movements incompetent puppets, one in November and one that occurred earlier this week. These incidents further highlight the sheer destructive hate and ignorance that is propping up the “movements”.

We also find that a major protest that has benefited greatly from Soros generosity is that of this years “Women’s March” that took place nationally in response to the President’s perceived misogyny. A self proclaimed liberal and feminist who found herself ultimately voting for President Trump, Asra Q. Nomani, uncovered 50 different groups partaking in the march who received funding from Soros’ OSF.

There are hundreds of progressive organizations that have received funding from George Soros, this article is not primarily focused on revealing them in their entirety but to highlight this practice and question what the benevolent billionaires motive may be. An extensive and exhaustive list has been compiled and hosted on discoveringthenetworks.org which I highly recommend perusing yourself to help enable a better understanding of the reach and power wielded by this lone elite.

To try and understand Soros’ drive and ambition one need only to listen to the above shown interview he granted Bloomberg during the 2017 Davos Group Summit. Soros is not shy about his ambitions and desires however, openly petitioning the destruction of national borders and by proxy, national sovereignty. On his personal website, “journal entries” written by the mogul highlight his desire to saturate the Western World with Muslim refugees, he claims that it is Europe’s responsibility to accept and provide for these refugees in his “Rebuilding the Asylum System” plan. He blames the “selfishness” of the nations within the EU and the failures of democracy as reasons for the crises. A crises he was instrumental in creating, yet he targets the desires to preserve national identity, solid borders and sovereignty as reasons for the refugees actions and sufferings. The statements are so astounding in their arrogance and hypocrisy that it is incredulous that Soros sees them as valid arguments.

Soros has attempted to infiltrate the judicial system with judges that align with the progressive juggernaut and work to further his agendas.

Knowing this allows for little surprise when we began to learn that much of the direct opposition to President Trump’s travel ban order was funded and orchestrated by the OSF. We know that CAIR, a terrorist organization we discussed previously, was instrumental in the organization of nationwide protests and along with the ACLU has funded much of the opposition, and knowing that the ACLU receives heavily from Soros it would be no stretch to think CAIR was in turn funded by Soros. It is knowledge that the OSF donated millions to the National Security and Human Rights Campaign, another politically charged Muslim driven orgranization, whose actions ultimately sought to undermine national security, something Soros is no doubt a fan of. Of course the waters have been muddied even further when it came to the attention of various outlets that many of the most vocal judges who have risen to carry the flag for Soros in this crusade were in fact, funded by the man. Lifezette reported this week that many of the groups pushing to suspend the ban were being propped up by Soros and the OSF.

This is standard operating procedure of course with the open fact that Soros has attempted to infiltrate the judicial system with judges that align with the progressive juggernaut and work to further his agendas. This obvious invasion was orchestrated subtly and masterfully over the past few years to ensure that his vision for an open America would be allowed to progress via its propagation in the court systems, and as we now see in response to the travel ban, its obstruction of any action counter to Soros ideal.

The travel ban and restrictions on refugees and immigrants as well as the solidifying of national borders and turning national interests inward are a complete rejection of the globalist, open society that socialist progressives like Soros preach and ultimately desire. By regulating and logically limiting the influx of refugees and legal immigrants the U.S. is preventing its own destruction. A destruction currently being wreaked on Sweden, France and Germany.

Brexit, a monumental abandonment of the one world vision of the E.U. was spurred by a movement in Britain that wanted to take back their nation and protect it from the global establishment. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, another whom Soros has no kind words for, is riding the wave of the populist movement, a movement that has carried Marin Le Pen to the forefront of her campaign in France and has resulted in a political collapse for Angela Merkel in Germany. It is little wonder that Soros own Hungary has turned against him and his ideals. The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, is an outspoken critic of Soros, going so far as to state that he “…is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle…”. Orban frequently blames George Soros and the OSF as those responsible for the immigrant disaster in Europe, and loudly insinuates that it has been done in an attempt to destroy the traditional Europe.

It is this subversion and destruction of American identity and national boundaries that is the end game for Soros. One need only look at Europe to see what his desire for the United States is and this is why his attempts to push for increased waves of refugees and to block any attempted travel ban are so determined.

George Soros is the prototypical globalist elite, one that is part of a group of the “1 percent”, and represents the ideal that has long waged war against democracy and national identities. To him and his cohort, populism is the enemy, nationalism is the enemy, national sovereignty is the enemy. Those are of course terms that a Mainstream Media, a cabal that is on the elites payroll, has made every effort to condemn as fascist, racist, bigoted and ignorant. As more light is shed on this man’s influence and web we are able to see the opponents that we must fight against in the war to preserve our freedoms, our liberties and ultimately our identities.

Below is a link to a petition that originated on the White House petitions page calling for an arrest of Soros for his crimes, click and sign up and share if you feel so inclined after reading this article.



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