Trump Tax Leak Vindicates President while Embarrassing Opponents


Last night Snowflake paragon Rachel Maddow tauntingly dangled the release of illegally leaked tax returns belonging to President Trump…from 2005.


Copies of Trump Tax Returns, as tweeted by The Hill reporter Sahil Kapur.

In what is a fantastic implosion resulting from idiocy and hysteria, the MSNBC anchor bravely thought to blow the whistle on the President and expose him for tax evasion or fraud but only ended up vindicating the current Commander-in-Chief. The documents reveal that the President paid a total of $38 million in taxes on a gross reporting of $150 million. This total amounts to a tax rate of around 34%.

To put that into perspective, the former POTUS paid a rate of 18% last year and socialist blowhard Bernie Sanders only shared 13% of his wealth with his fellow comrades through taxes. That last nugget of information may be perhaps the sweetest moment to savor out of what is essentially a non-story considering that good ol’ Bernie beat that drum hard during the Presidential campaign leading up to the Election. I suppose what’s Bernie’s is Bernie’s but what’s ours is his and his supporters. Let us also take a moment to remember the smear by Clinton during the second presidential debate that has now been proven a lie.



This “story” has gloriously exploded in the ever needy for relevance Maddow’s face and has even forced her compatriots in the Mainstream to acknowledge that the host created a sensation for nothing but fizzle and the loss of one of the “oppositions” louder war drums they can no longer beat to help stir and foster “resistance” and hysteria to the current POTUS.

It is quite an irony that due to one anchor’s inability to use logic and math the liberal media has now lost some of its bite in attacking President Trump. Good job Rachel Maddow, you actually did something useful for what is perhaps the first time in your career.

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