The Real cost of the European Migrant Crises


On Saturday, February 18th, President Trump made comments referring to the refugee crises in Europe, namely using Sweden as his example. He was immediately met with a hurricane of attacks, insults and smears from the establishment, the media and multitudes of self-important figures around the World. The assault was a counterattack by globalist puppets who are quick to initiate damage control and protect their open border views for society. If the reality of what faces many Europeans were to be readily apparent to the general public in America instead of obscured by a corrupt mainstream media and established cronies, the need for strong national borders might be more easily understood and suddenly not so racist and bigoted.

Instead, the raging battle being endured by Europe as it’s nations continue to try to solve and extract themselves from the refugee and migrant crisis forced upon them by the global elites and their puppet, the European Union, will be continually hidden from the majority of a public who will not or cannot dig deeper for the truth.

Much of this is due to an obviously controlled narrative, one that is shaped and controlled by the same elites destroying national identities across the Atlantic. As I mentioned in my previous article about a high profile member of these puppet masters, George Soros, their major end goal of establishing a one world government is predicated in part by demolishing national borders and identities in order to create open societies necessary for a borderless world. To achieve this, millions of migrants and refugees have been continually pushed into the European mainland in an attempt to saturate host nations and populations, weaken national borders, burden financial stability and destroy the traditional cultural identities of the nation receiving the torrents of immigrants.

Much of the attention that is given to this epidemic is relegated to sad stories of capsized ships full of migrants, starving children and images that portray the worst possible stories related to migrant camps, which are tragic but do not portray the whole picture of this epidemic. It is no irony that these stories are designed to elicit compassion and outrage by the viewers and readers as they cleverly dismiss and omit the criminals and gangs that populate these camps. A quick study for the infamous Calais “Jungle Camp” shows the worst conditions possible in the camp yet avoids the fact that it is replete with amenities such as stores and bars as well as criminals and gangs and  their threat to the native populaces.

Reality is, as always exists in such situations, that there are two sides to this story. Scratching at the surface one will find that appalling actions such as the rape of a young women in Sweden that was globally streamed live via Facebook are not exceptions to a level of crime and violence that is increasingly becoming the norm in European nations affected by this emergency.

Sweden is fast becoming the example of what happens to a nation accepting of open borders and waves of refugees when everything that can go wrong does and the powder keg explodes. There has been much debate over Sweden as the “rape capital” of the world, detractors often cite differences in what constitutes rapes or how they are reported in the country compared to surrounding nations but there is no denying the correlation in a dramatic rise in rapes in Sweden and the endless influx of refugees and migrants during this same time period.


A graph presented by The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention portrays the percentages of exposure to Sex Crimes by age group and gender. Yellow represents women while blue represents men.


It is little surprise that Swedish Police Officer Peter Springare and his statements regarding the reality of crime committed by immigrants in Sweden were quickly hidden from public view and dismissed as quickly as possible. These admissions of truth are the greatest threat to the carefully constructed lies that sell globalization and are surrounding the Muslim refugees that are the primary weapon in this war.

The Facebook posting that brought a new spotlight to the role of refugees in crime in Sweden. A light that was quickly swept out of public view.

Springare’s comments are merely the result of a man watching his nation being torn apart by the immigrant crises thrust upon him and his fellow Swede’s by the E.U. Sweden is, contrary to the mockery and derision poured onto President Trump and his supporters, facing a historic crises in terms of scope and violence. Sweden has now officially listed over 55 locations in its cities that qualify as “No Go” zones, areas that are so dangerous and vulnerable that they should be avoided if possible by citizens and tourists. Over 20 of these locations are in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm which boasts a population of 75,000.

These areas have been instituted in response to the extreme increase in violence, sexual assaults, kidnappings and rapes that have grown in stride with the burgeoning Muslim population in Sweden. The dangers have grown so great that the police forces in Sweden’s major cities are beginning to face employment crises. Many officers are “…choosing to quit.” stated one police officer in an interview earlier this year.

The population of migrants has become so large, aggressive and seemingly coordinated that officers can no longer work alone and even in groups they are often overrun or even prevented from intervening as in a situation that resulted in the rape of a 10 year old boy in public or in response to the murder of  Alexandra Mezher, who was killed by a 15 year old migrant at the asylum center where she was employed. The murder was another example of the insanity that grips those who value tolerance and acceptance over all else as the murder was swept from the national media and a memorial service at the center was banned over fears of cultural sensitivity.

Of course the greatest mystery surrounding the crises in Sweden has been the stranglehold on truth and media exposure surrounding the epidemic. Czech reporter Katerina Janouch was roasted globally for opening up about the dangers that are a daily threat in Sweden and the level of chaos that the nation has fallen into during this refugee onslaught. Many heavyweight news outlets immediately labeled her with the “fake news” tag and claimed she was proffering Russian propaganda, another example of quick action to restrict the access of truth surrounding the issues in Sweden. The real bombshell, one that has gained very little notice in the media, was this nugget released by Wikileaks that exposes blatant censoring and editing of Swedish national media in order to control public perspective relating to the crimes being committed in Sweden by its many refugee criminals.



It was a beautiful, clockwork like coincidence that a mere two days after President Trump was roasted for his comments about the state of Sweden that riots gripped the city of Stockholm and were unable to be contained and censored which allowed the world to see the reality of life in a nation that has embraced its own unchecked failure of multiculturalism and open borders.


Fires burn in Rinkeby as riots gripped Sweden during February.


This crises is not confined to Sweden though and much light is beginning to be shed on the situations in both Germany and France who are also suffering under their own personal scourge of criminal immigrants and refugees.

Germany is finding itself in a similar situation to Sweden, where it boasts a whopping 3.1 refugees per 1000 native citizens. Angela Merkel’s defiant embrace of globalism and multiculturalism has led to a Germany that is beginning to find its continued immigration policies unsustainable and, frankly, increasingly dangerous to the nation’s security and identity.

In 2015 migrants committed over 208,000 crimes in Germany, an 80% increase in crimes from 2014, while in the first half of 2016 there were over 142,500 crimes attributed to refugees and immigrants. The rise in crime that has been correlated directly to the refugees in Germany is, much like in Sweden, being purposefully obfuscated and manipulated by many national media sites in the nation in order to prevent public backlash against the open borders that Merkel is so fond of. Many of the crimes committed are, as in Sweden, sexual assaults and rapes with studies published last year that pin many of the crimes committed as occurring around the asylum centers where much of the refugee populace is housed. This should come as no shock though after the disgusting attacks infamously committed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve in 2015, another incident where the media seemingly relies on the apparent short memory spans of its viewers to assist in its removal from public view.

German police, like their Swedish counterparts, are stretched to the breaking point. Many city forces are unable to keep up with the rate of offenses being committed while others, such as in Bremen, are allowing “bigger fish” in the form of large criminal organizations and clans to remain relatively unhindered in their operations due to the need to check the random crimes and general lawlessness present on the city’s streets that is connected to the swarms of unchecked migrant youths and their small gangs.

The situation in Germany is also coming to a boiling point much as is happening in Sweden. Merkel has now found herself trying to solve the mess she forced upon Germany without admitting her guilt or upsetting the globalist masters that control the E.U. and its policies with an iron fist. We are now seeing a new program called the Starthilfe Plus, that will essentially pay refugees who are denied asylum up to 1200 euro’s to leave the country. To add insult to injury, the program’s 90 million euro budget is being fronted by taxes culled from the legal citizens of Germany.

All of this while maintaining that the Muslim refugees inside the nation’s borders are “not responsible” for terror attacks or an increase in crime, a sentiment echoed by the blatantly globalist puppet, Pope Francis, who claimed that “Muslim terrorism does not exist”. From that view I suppose that rewriting the definition of terror, terrorists and terrorism are the next steps necessary to try and keep floating the ridiculous lies and narratives vital to the survival of the globalists plans. This statement should be no surprise to those who have followed the Pope’s support of a global communist society with a global currency nor his embrasure of globalism as the future with his ardent support of the U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, but I digress here.

Then there is France, a nation that has an even larger refugee population than that of its German neighbor, with an average of 4.13 refugees per every 1000 French citizens. France has of course spent much time in the global spotlight due to the multitude of terror attacks that have been inflicted upon the country. It is amazing that there is a large group of groupthink echo boxes that can claim that Islamic terrorism does not occur when the stark evidene in France alone displays the contrary.

In Nice, 90 people were left dead from a terrorist attack committed by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a Tunisian refugee with ties to the Islamic State. Then there was the infamous “Paris Attacks” that left 130 dead after multiple, coordinated terror attacks ripped through Paris on November 15, 2015.

The incredulous rebuttal in regards to terrorism from French PM Manuel Valls stated that France would have “…to live with terrorism.” This open arm policy is nothing new in a country where, just as in Sweden and Germany, they have gone to extraordinary lengths to censor and edit the flow of information regarding migrant crimes and terror attacks. This censorship is necessary to preserve the myth of multiculturalism and moral and cultural relativism. Acknowledging and accepting the dangers of open borders and immigration without vetting and controls would bring a swift end to the failing European migrant experiment.



French citizens do indeed now live in a world where they must view the possibility of terrorism or migrant crime as a constant reality. Police and military personnel armed with assault rifles and body armor now stand outside churches, schools and a multitude of public attractions. A poll conducted by RT last year revealed that 64% of French people believe that immigrants and refugees are a major source of crime in the country while another RT poll revealed a widespread fear over last year’s Christmas holidays that terror attacks would rise up over the holiday period.


French soldiers patrol a Jewish neighborhood in an attempt to deter criminal and terrorist acts.


Of course, much of the media narrative surrounding the French immigration crisis revolved around the Calais “Jungle Camp”. Images surfaced of squalor and poverty, people starving and struck with illness. This helped elicit an emotional response from a Social Justice society and stirred up greater support for refugees while also being used to attack French who would dare oppose helping these impoverished peoples. The reality of the Jungle Camp though is much different. This is a reality where criminal gangs ran rampant inside the camp, raping and assaulting fellow refugees while thousands of immigrants grew increasingly violent towards the surrounding French communities, attacking police and citizens, blocking traffic, robbing locals and trying to escape and disappear into Europe while undocumented.

This article was not written merely to expound upon the horrors and crimes being perpetrated against European peoples by the millions of Muslim immigrants that are now in their countries. Bringing light to the crimes that are committed daily, contrary to the blatant lies the Media tries to sell us that say otherwise, is necessary. Popping the lies with truth allows us to see the greater goal that these migrants are being used to perpetrate. Many refugees do truly desire to escape war or persecution but they, just like their radical counterparts, are simply pawns on a global chessboard that are being used to destabilize Europe, erode national sovereignty, destroy national identities and tear down national borders.

The destruction of national borders is the true end goal for globalists. The U.N. was a major step towards setting this end game up, the E.U. is the logical next step on this path. The E.U. is now using this manufactured refugee crises to undermine its member nations and to make the nation’s borders even more fluid and subjective.

Simultaneously, the gospel of moral and cultural relativity is being used to destroy national identities through “tolerance” and “acceptance”. Cultural relativism is a socially engineered construct that demands we view other cultures and societies through their eyes and not judge them by our own moral standards. It is why this disease called Sharia Law is suddenly being pushed to the forefront by activist groups in America. By being forced to respect Sharia Law in Europe and America due to the shackles of relativism we cannot object to the archaic and barbaric idea of “honor killings” or the brutality with which Muslim men are allowed to treat their women and children. Rape is subjective, sexual assault is relative, murder is equal exchange.

This is, simply put, a disgusting and pathetic joke. By preying on a generation inundated with the idea of Social Justice and tolerance, equality for all and discrimination for none, we are allowing the destruction and death of our core Western moral values, much of which were historically built on Judeo-Christian values and one of the most powerful weapons being used to accomplish this is Islam, through the manufactured refugee crises. Open borders and societies are the death of national independence and sovereignty but for the globalist elites that is the end goal, it is little wonder then that puppet masters like George Soros have their fingerprints all over the migrant crises in their pursuit of an “Open Society”.

I am not suggesting that Islam is the great devil, nor am I stating that discrimination against differing beliefs or religions is necessary. Many who read this will of course blindly scream, rather idiotically no doubt, Islamophobe! Racist! Bigot! Oppressor! That is inevitable, slander, insults and attacks are the default method of attacks by those who are too ignorant to realize differing opinions are allowed to exist or those who are unable to handle the use of facts and reality.

Those insults of course are another weapon used in today’s world to ensure the continuance of this globalist attack. Much like Senator McCarthy used the insults of Commie and traitor to silence opposition during his campaign of Russophobia, modern progressives and socialists use the before mentioned insults and slanders to silence opposition to their views. Screaming louder than your opponent does not make an opinion true and claiming that someone is racist because they use logic does not make another argument any truer. Many socialist progressives use this tactic to bully a majority into silence or passivity rather than present actual facts for their arguments. It is effectively a modern witch hunt that is used to destroy an opposition to ideals that cannot tolerate the existence of differing opinions. Islamophobia happens to be one of the most successful of these current witch hunts and it is another tool that progressive social justice is using to destroy traditional Western culture and values.

The reality of the refugee crises is that, fundamentally speaking, Western cultural values and Islamic traditional values are not compatible at their core. That is not a racist statement, that is not a xenophobic statement, it is a truth. Islam is an ideology that allows for Honor Killings, it allows men to beat their wives for no substantial reason other than the wife displeasing their husband in some way, it is a system where women’s testimonies are only worth half that of a mans, how that is even quantifiable is beyond me. It permits the stoning of a wife who has been raped because, in Haraam, a Muslim rape victim is an adulteress. This law only applies to Muslim women however as non believers can be raped without consequence, I won’t connect the dots there to the current crises for you. This lunacy goes so far as to make rape the result of the women’s actions, correlated to the fact that she somehow invited the act upon herself by her own actions. Homosexuality is a particularly offensive crime with punishments ranging from imprisonment to death depending on the nation in which the “crime” is committed. All this of this makes the stupidity of LGBT and multiple feminist activist groups identifying with Islam even more laughable.

Thankfully the multicultural immigration experiment is reaching a tipping point now, the globalist plays can no longer be hidden and the reality of the refugee crises can no longer be hidden. French President Hollande is finally admitting that it is “destabilizing Europe”. Angela Merkel is suddenly trying to figure out the most politically correct way to counter the flood of immigrants and begin deporting thousands of undocumented migrants. Of course, the benevolent masters of the E.U. are now considering implementing fines on member nations who refuse to meet their quota of acceptance for immigrants.

The political pendulum is now swinging the other way as well. We see populism sweeping Europe as citizens are tired of watching their national identities be dismantled in the name of globalism. French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is leading many polls in France and has made the exit of the E.U. and restoration of French national sovereignty one of her main selling points. It should be no surprise that she is coming under increasing attacks from globalist shills in the French government and the E.U.  Her Dutch counterpart Geert Wilders is also riding this wave of populism in Holland, sharing many of these same views.

These opposing reactions to the globalist end goal of a one world, borderless society are growing, counter to what the Mainstream Media would lead us to believe, and represent a critical moment in the war against globalism and the elites that desire so badly to implement it. It is up to the citizens of these afflicted nations to stand up, fight back, and ensure the survival of their countries and their identities.

Eternal Student, someone who is trying to navigate this minefield that is life. Constantly questioning and examining the reality we find ourselves in is a full time job but hopefully my musings can help others find light in this world.


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