The Deep State Chess Game to Unseat President Trump is Reaching its Climax


Since the election one has hardly been able to escape the screeching emanating from the Mainstream Media and the multitudes of progressive shills that revolves around President Trump’s illegitimacy as the nations Commander in Chief. Everything from his tax records, to his “locker room talk” to his apparent connections to Russia, something that is still lacking a smoking gun, have been thrown at the American public endlessly. The veracity with which the Deep State and its puppets have taken to this endeavor should be enough of a warning sign to the discerning citizen that all may not be as the establishment wishes us to believe.

This past week has seen the Russia-Trump collusion theory approach an explosive climax. Many on the left are of course expecting the explosion of this powder keg to bring down the current President and usher in his impeachment or resignation and allow for the exercising of the dubious 25 Amendment, a repulsive addition to our Constitution that was amended by the questionable Lyndon B. Johnson to assure his ascendancy to the throne was smooth and unassailable after the murder of President John F. Kennedy. There is however more evidence emerging that this may not be the outcome that has up until recently been bandied about as inevitable.

The bombshell revelations presented by California Rep. Devin Nunes on Wednesday that supported President Trumps claims of surveillance have now given the embattled President and his administration much needed ammunition in a bitter struggle. The evidence comes from a release brought forth by the Judicial Watch organization, a group dedicated to the policing of government actions by private, liberty minded citizens. The group has brought to light the existence of 47 hard drives of information revealing the illicit surveillance performed on members of the Presidents administration and the President himself. The hard drives were delivered by whistle blower Dennis Montgomery, an intelligence community insider.

This is the evidence released to Rep. Nunes that spurred an impromptu press conference that was held without notification to the other congressional committee members. The method of the press conference should help add weight to the severity of this situation as Rep. Nunes is now facing a fusillade of fire from the establishment over his actions, actions that were executed in order to prevent the shills in the establishment, Deep State and Mainstream Media to be able to censor, lie and manipulate public opinion. The Californian congressmen has also been prompted to hold a closed door meeting with the FBI and NSA today over the evidence, this is especially noteworthy as both FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers both denied seeing evidence that supported President Trumps claims of surveillance and that Comey had avoided contact with Nunes immediately after the representative discovered the pertinent information, this could of course explain the unscheduled arrival of Comey this morning at the White House.

What happens next is crucial to both the survival of President Trump as well as how the war to “drain the swamp” and upend the Deep State progresses. If this evidence proves that Obama illegally monitored President Trump and members of his cabinet the nation could be looking at a Watergate level scandal and it won’t start and stop with the former President. The falling dominoes would potentially include multiple members of the intelligence community as well as key members of Obama’s administration and former members of the Department of Justice such as Sally Yates.

The carefully constructed grilling of Comey by South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy on Monday was successful in getting the evasive director to name multiple members of the CIA, FBI, NSA and DOJ who would have had the ability to illegally unmask not only former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn but also now the current POTUS and multiple members of his campaign, a crime that Nunes was quick to point out as carrying a 5 year sentence as a felony and, for whoever leaked Flynn’s name to the press, a 10 year sentence.

This is a scandal that could well demolish the status quo and the Deep State and would force millions of Americans to face cold hard and extremely uncomfortable facts about their beloved government. If President Trump truly wants to drain the swamp and break the back of the Deep State, this could be the way to do that. There has certainly been much howling from the establishment over these developments, something that almost always serves as a sign of a legitimate threat to its existence. Both Deep State shills and media puppets have begun to blast Nunes over his actions, trying to claim that he must be on the Russian-Trump take and calling for an independent investigation. If Sen. McCain and the ever lame Rep. Schiff begin beating the war drum then Nunes is clearly onto something here.

Of course, that outcome, much like the possibility of his potential impeachment at the hands of a crooked congress, depends on what politicians such as Rep. Nunes choose to do with the information as well as what approach Comey and Rogers take, something that is less than clear as they too could face political ruin depending on who the chips fall. Rather than cover the evidence that their Golden Boy Obama likely broke federal laws the Mainstream is instead rabidly trying to twist the coming hearing of James Manafort, President Trumps Campaign Manger, as proof that the POTUS is in fact a filthy, corrupt Russian agent. The United States government and the future of liberty in this nation are facing a crises and flash point unlike anything previously. This is bigger than Watergate or the Oval office scandal faced by Bill Clinton and the people need to be more discerning and aware than ever before as their future could be altered permanently based on the outcomes of these hearings.

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