The Convenient Double Standard of Voter Fraud


It would seem that President Trump will not be backing down from his claims of losing the popular vote in November due to the voter fraud he claims allowed millions of illegal citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton, thus giving her nearly 3 million more votes than her opponent.


Voter fraud was of course a hot topic leading up to the election day showdown between the two presidential candidates, a subject that President Trump was lambasted for bringing into question. Clinton, the establishment and its Mainstream puppets were quick to blast the President for his opinions, citing it as clear proof of his ignorance or obvious inability to grasp how democracy works. The great irony of course came as quick retribution in the form of the 45th Presidents stunning victory, one that clearly no one in the globalist cabal could have predicted. Their great shock could of course be argued that the self assured smuggery of an establishment, one evidently confident in its measures to ensure the ascension of its preening, hand picked lapdog, could not fathom that they lost.


Now that we enter the second week of Trumps presidency we find the leader priming an investigation into the voter fraud he warned about during his campaign.

This brazen announcement was quickly met with an uproar of opposition from the media, one that has echoed ad nauseum the absurdity of the President’s claims. Claiming that there is no clear historical evidence of voter fraud, stating that it is inconceivable that the U.S. government would ever attempt to rig their own elections, is quite an interesting paradox considering the establishment has had no scruple about doing so elsewhere,


Of course, in this situation precedent of tampering elsewhere alone is not enough to conclude that voter fraud and tampering occurred during the 2016 elections. There are however, known items that seem to confirm the suspicion of voter fraud. There were multiple reported instances of issues that involved voting machines switching straight ticket Republican votes to include a vote for Hillary Clinton. One or two claims of this could easily be dismissed as rabble rousing but it occurred in multiple states and locations during both early voting and on election day.


There is also the video published by Project Veritas that involved an interview with NYC Elections Commissioner Alan Schulkin, who disclosed the known techniques used by groups of stalwart Democrats, who would pick up and transport groups of voters to different stations, in an attempt to help influence the vote in their favor. That is blatant voter fraud and a felony if one is found guilty of perpetrating the action. Another questionable action committed on Election Day that was quickly hidden by the Mainstream Media was performed by Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton devotee, who in one fell swoop of his trusty autopen, pardoned 60.000 felons in time to allow the convicts to participate in the election. The candidate they were no doubt encouraged to vote for can be logically determined.


Virginia was also home to revelations exposing over 1000 known illegal voters who cast ballots in the state after the admissions of a democratic operative who helped register 19 dead voters for the election sparked studies on the matter. Of course, it should be noted that this was discovered in relation to the previous election cycle in the state but is yet more evidence of wilful voter fraud being perpetuated and encouraged.


The biggest “smoking gun” that has arisen that gives support to President Trump’s claims of voter fraud is in the publication of an independent study led by political scientist Jesse Richmanl. The conclusion from the study alleges that upwards of 800,000 non-citizens participated in the election. Although this number alone would not make up the difference in popular voting, it does constitute nearly one-third of the 2.9 million vote difference between the two candidates.


Accounting for the 2.9 million vote swing is not the point of this article though. The real issue, the one that should cause real alarm in this nation’s citizens, is that contrary to the parroted Mainstream and Establishment narrative that voter fraud does not exist and that President Trump is ignorant and inaccurate in his salacious claims, it very much does exist, it does occur and you can be certain that it is a known commodity and weapon used by the elites who still try to guide and direct the course of this nation and the greater world it dwells in.


Of course, the narrative is now switching to that convenient word that progressive’s throw out when their ideals are threatened, that of racism and oppression, namely, now, voter suppression. From the bleating of Bernie Sanders, ironic considering that he was likely a victim of voter fraud himself, to the cries of the ever present ACLU, the impassioned defense of voter rights, an argument that primarily revolves around explaining why you shouldn’t need a government issued ID to vote, is echoing around the country as an alarmist cry claiming this is yet another sign of Trump’s totalitarian agenda.


The fact that a large population in the Mainstream Media and the establishment claims that we should not be required by law to present a simple, government issued ID in order to cast ballots that decide who the leader of one of the most powerful nations in this world, is simply put, ridiculous. There will of course be the ever present notion that it is too expensive for many to obtain a government ID. Academics, politicians and lobbyists point out the costs of obtaining Birth Certificates or a non governmental photo ID and the ever prohibitive cost of transportation to your local DMV.


The opposition clamors that low income individuals simply cannot afford to cover costs that, maximally when every possible expense is tacked on, average under $160. The absurdity of the argument is that it centers around protecting disadvantaged and impoverished individuals who cannot afford the costs to obtain an ID. It is a broad stroke, what I will state, though I feel it is probably a relatively safe assumption here, but most individuals who meet this criteria probably necessitate the use of either welfare, food stamps, EBT, Medicaid/Medicare or to even open a bank account. In order to obtain the services one must have a valid photo ID. In order to buy alcohol or cigarettes one must have a photo ID. In order to view a rated R movie, you guessed it, one must have a photo ID. In order to be legally married, one must have a photo ID. When being legally hired at a place of employment, one must display a photo ID but, according to the impassioned left, you should not need one to be able to vote. Of course, rather than implement programs or legislature that would facilitate the reception of aid and assistance in obtaining an ID the politicians would rather dig in their heels and simply demand that anyone who wishes to vote be able to do so without the presence of identification.


The absurdity of this is truly stunning but when looked in a macro, analytical light this reality should, sadly, not be that surprising. No matter what anyone may claim, voter fraud does exist and can be used to subtly manipulate results, especially in elections where the margins for victory are known to be incredibly slim. The presence of 4 Million dead voters on national roll calls during the 2014 midterm elections was known, but Obama protected their presence and would not allow voter roll cleanup efforts while allowing for easier access to voting booths for illegal aliens and non-citizens to impact the vote. Obama is of course no stranger to fraudulent elections and scandals as voter fraud was an issue during his reelection in November 2012, it was of course quickly decried by the Mainstream Media and swept under the rug just as President Trump’s accusations are. Of course the issue is being painted as a new battle in the “Civil Rights War”, a stalwart tactic for many on the progressive left who simply hide behind emotional cries of “Racism” and “Persecution” when logic begins to undermine their arguments.


The uncomfortable reality that elections can be and in all likelihood have been influenced, manipulated and controlled is a harsh fact to accept. Realizing that it can and does happen leads to the disturbing questions of, who is doing so and why are they doing this. Reminiscent of the famous “red pill” or “blue pill” in the film, The Matrix, facing this truth and asking these questions will force an individual out of an otherwise blissful state of ignorance where they were the masters of their own domain rather than pawns under a system that is greater than they realize. Hopefully, President Trump will follow through regardless of the mounting criticism and opposition and execute a full investigation into a taboo issue that has long plagued the democratic systems of this nation.

Eternal Student, someone who is trying to navigate this minefield that is life. Constantly questioning and examining the reality we find ourselves in is a full time job but hopefully my musings can help others find light in this world.

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