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voter fraud

Congressional Hearing Starring FBI Director James Comey Devolves Into Deep State Shill Echo Chamber

Today heralded the highly anticipated appearance of current FBI Director James Director for questioning before the┬áThe House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the fast failing Russian-Trump connection conspiracy theory. No doubt many progressive puppets and shills have excited counted down to this event hoping for bombshell news that would salvage the broken logic behind a theory used to self medicate the psychological trauma suffered by snowflakes the world wide that was induced by the monumental… … Keep Reading

The Convenient Double Standard of Voter Fraud

It would seem that President Trump will not be backing down from his claims of losing the popular vote in November due to the voter fraud he claims allowed millions of illegal citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton, thus giving her nearly 3 million more votes than her opponent.   Voter fraud was of course a hot topic leading up to the election day showdown between the two presidential candidates, a subject that President Trump… … Keep Reading

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