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Let Us Take a Moment to Enjoy John McCain’s Glorious Meltdown on Sen. Rand Paul

Senator John McCain just can’t seem to let go of his Russian obsession. Whether it is continuing to stir the pot that is the “Russian Hacking” narrative to prevent it from fading out of the national spotlight to trying his best to rattle the Neo-Con saber at the eastern super power, the man just cannot let it go. This isn’t surprising as he has been one of the most vocal over the years regarding the… … Keep Reading

The Real cost of the European Migrant Crises

On Saturday, February 18th, President Trump made comments referring to the refugee crises in Europe, namely using Sweden as his example. He was immediately met with a hurricane of attacks, insults and smears from the establishment, the media and multitudes of self-important figures around the World. The assault was a counterattack by globalist puppets who are quick to initiate damage control and protect their open border views for society. If the reality of what faces… … Keep Reading

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