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Russian Hacking

Trey Gowdy Flexes Muscle as Only Competent Official Present During Comey Hearing

In what amounted to a weird, aimless, therapy session for establishment puppets repeating the Russian hacking narrative ad nauseum in order to validate its existence to themselves, one man stood above the other shills in the room that held the congressional hearing with FBI Director James Comey today on capital hill. The hearing was decisively unproductive due to James Comey’s, quite impressive, ability to deflect, defer and ultimately weasel his way out of answering anything… … Keep Reading

Congressional Hearing Starring FBI Director James Comey Devolves Into Deep State Shill Echo Chamber

Today heralded the highly anticipated appearance of current FBI Director James Director for questioning before the┬áThe House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the fast failing Russian-Trump connection conspiracy theory. No doubt many progressive puppets and shills have excited counted down to this event hoping for bombshell news that would salvage the broken logic behind a theory used to self medicate the psychological trauma suffered by snowflakes the world wide that was induced by the monumental… … Keep Reading

Wikileaks Julian Assange Warns of Deep State Coup led by Clinton

Yesterday evening Wikileaks founder Julien Assange posted 3 tweets detailing revelations regarding a Clinton led Deep State coup being plotted against President Trump. The allegations are shocking but, in light of how shocking the details regarding the CIA released via the Vault 7 dump last week, the potential validity should not be too surprising for serious observers. Below are the initial tweets sent out by Assange.   Clinton stated privately this month that she is… … Keep Reading

Attack on Sessions: Main Stream Media and Establishment Politicians Move to Dethrone Trump by Politically Assassinating his Cabinet

A mere few weeks removed from the “scandal” that culminated in the political assassination of retired Gen. Michael Flynn from the role as National Security Advisor, a move that allowed the establishment to plant another Deep State, Neo-Con Gen McMaster’s on President Trump’s cabinet, we now see the wheels again turning as the fetid swamp monsters set their sites on A.G. Session’s. Establishment shills, both Democrat and Republican, are rallying around a Washington Post article… … Keep Reading

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