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FBI to Investigate Right Wing News Sites it Claims Influenced the Election for Ties to Russia

The circus that is The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into potential cyber warfare performed by Russia to influence the election is now reaching astronomical levels of stupidity. The straws that are being grasped at in order to try and find some way to decisively impact President Trump in a negative manner, whether through impeachment or blatant smear jobs is fast becoming ridiculous. News leaked yesterday that the FBI would begin to investigate alternative right wing… … Keep Reading

Progressive Censorship Continues to Erode Free Speech

Although we are living in a nation led by a Trump administration the progressive Marxist war of free speech is seemingly finding new ways to continue its attacks on differing opinions and topics that clash with the social justice narrative. It was revealed yesterday that tech giant Google, arguably the gatekeeper to the internet for millions who may not understand how to use alternative search engines and outlets, has stated its intent to begin flagging… … Keep Reading

There’s a Battle Raging on The Internet Right Now: Here’s Your Cheat-Sheet to The “Fake News” Epidemic

Fake news began as a nebulous term propagated by the mass-media shortly after Donald Trump unexpectedly won the Presidential Election.   The term was hastily introduced and ill-defined by the institutions and pundits that began proliferating it. Up until the November election, the term was rarely used, but within days it became an all out emergency of misinformation, according to the mass-media. Everything from hoax sites and Russian government propaganda, to both right and left… … Keep Reading


Countering Disinformation and Propaganda in the Post 2016 Election World

What is the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” hidden inside the 2017 incarnation of the NDAA that was quietly swept through the Senate and what unlawful powers does it now grant the Government? The NDAA has been a problem for liberty minded citizens when it was originally introduced in 2012 as it allowed for the controversial “Indefinite Detainment” for any alleged Terrorist without pretense while forgoing the traditional judicial process of obtaining warrants for searching… … Keep Reading

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