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Will Turkey’s Newly Empowered Dictator Plunge the West into a “Holy War”

Much news made public concerning the Middle East currently revolves around the flash point in Syria and the endless war against ISIS. Little attention has been adequately given to the Turkish referendum vote that was held last night. The central issues that the election centered on pertained to constitutional changes put forward by current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling political party. The alterations to Turkey’s standing constitutional will solidify Erdoğan’s control over the… … Keep Reading

The Real cost of the European Migrant Crises

On Saturday, February 18th, President Trump made comments referring to the refugee crises in Europe, namely using Sweden as his example. He was immediately met with a hurricane of attacks, insults and smears from the establishment, the media and multitudes of self-important figures around the World. The assault was a counterattack by globalist puppets who are quick to initiate damage control and protect their open border views for society. If the reality of what faces… … Keep Reading

Another German Hit and Run

Three pedestrians were injured today when an unidentified suspect turned his vehicle into a battering ram and ran the individuals over in Heidelberg, Germany. According to local authorities, the attacker was promptly pursued by local law enforcement agents before ultimately being shot and apprehended by police officers. @APatzwahl Video zum #AmoklaufHeidelberg pic.twitter.com/zi4t4CfuRe — Andreas Patzwahl (@APatzwahl) February 25, 2017 There is no confirmation or denial as to whether the attack as a terrorist attack or… … Keep Reading

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