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The Deep State Chess Game to Unseat President Trump is Reaching its Climax

Since the election one has hardly been able to escape the screeching emanating from the Mainstream Media and the multitudes of progressive shills that revolves around President Trump’s illegitimacy as the nations Commander in Chief. Everything from his tax records, to his “locker room talk” to his apparent connections to Russia, something that is still lacking a smoking gun, have been thrown at the American public endlessly. The veracity with which the Deep State and… … Keep Reading

Rise of the Orwellian State : Obama exposed Wire-Tapping Trump Tower while still President

President Trump has been quite active on Twitter the past few days, blasting the establishment, Nancy Pelosi and good ol’ Chuckie Schumer for their hypocritical stance on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, when they had plenty of meetings themselves with the foreign diplomat. Of note today though, and in continuance with the current open warfare being waged by the Deep State, is the revelation that Obama had Trump Tower tapped… … Keep Reading

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