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Will Turkey’s Newly Empowered Dictator Plunge the West into a “Holy War”

Much news made public concerning the Middle East currently revolves around the flash point in Syria and the endless war against ISIS. Little attention has been adequately given to the Turkish referendum vote that was held last night. The central issues that the election centered on pertained to constitutional changes put forward by current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling political party. The alterations to Turkey’s standing constitutional will solidify Erdoğan’s control over the… … Keep Reading

Turkish President Erdogan, Europe’s New Problem

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is fast becoming a persistent thorn in Europe’s side. We noted earlier this week the spat that the fiery President engaged in with Holland in regards to the its, and several other European nations, moves to disrupt rallies held in regards to the upcoming Turkish referendum vote. Moves that included the forceful removal of Turkish diplomats that were viewed as agitators for the burgeoning Turkish population of Europe, a demographic that… … Keep Reading

Turkey and Europe Head for Showdown that could Result in a New Flood of Migrants

Turkey is set to vote on political referendums on the 16th of March that could result in a move from the traditional Republic system that has been present since 1923 to a Presidential system that has many European governments fearful of an authoritarian Erdogan government. If the referendum were to pass it would allow for the confrontational Turkish Prime Minister to be allowed to run for two more consecutive terms, conceivably allowing for an Erdogan… … Keep Reading

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