Surprise, Surprise, No Evidence of the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Exists


In an appearance on the Today Show earlier this morning, California Representative David Nunes, chairman of The House Intelligence Committee tasked with the investigationĀ into the alleged Trump-Russia connection that propelled the populist leader to victory through hacking the election, stated frankly that he has seen “no evidence” that would suggest a “collusion” between the two parties. This comes after reports surfaced yesterday that certain Democratic officials began to put the warning out through their channels that those with a vested interest should brace for a lack of evidence.

This marks another massive blow to the Deep State campaign to dethrone and impeach President Trump, a goal many in the progressive establishment were adamant about pursuing since before his election. No one can also forget that earlier this week Rachel Maddow flopped on national television when trying to release President Trump’s 2005 tax return in an attempt to undermine Trumps legitimacy. That ended poorly as it was revealed he paid a 34% tax rate, higher than Obama, Bernie Sanders or the Clintons and ultimately left the blowhard MSNBC anchor with egg all over her face.

So to summarize, in the course of one week the two loudest drums beaten upon daily by the progressive establishment and Deep State operatives to try and undermine, delegitimize and ultimately potentially impeach President Trump, have popped, loudly, much to the glee and satisfaction of the POTUS supporters. In an even juicier twist of fate, Nunes went on to state that the only actions that have been found to be illegal were those perpetrated by the “leaker” that implicated General Flynn for crimes that, really were not crimes. He went on to elaborate when prompted that “It’s pretty clear” that elements in the intelligence agencies are working to impeded and undermine the President.

Of course, for those have been following the narrative long enough, what comes next will be the big question. The Deep State will not simply surrender and leave the President alone to pursue his agenda nor will the progressive globalist shills that infest the DNC throw in the towel and begin to cooperate with Trump in order to better the American people. What attack appears now will be worth steadily monitoring as the dust now settles.

The Mainstream has suddenly switched gears in the past couple days and begun hounding the White House for proof of the wiretapping that President Trump claims to have been subjected to by President Obama. This is of course a logical shift in tactics as, although the White House submitted documents on Friday that it claims to be extremely confident will prove that the POTUS was accurate in his statements of illegal surveillance, “anonymous sources” inside the investigation are already fostering doubt on possible evidence by stating they see nothing that would prove the Presidents accusations. This seems illogical given the bombshell revelations of unparalleled monitoring and spying by the CIA exposed by the Wikileaks Vault 7 releases 2 weeks ago but seeing as what should have been a seismic event nationally was quickly hidden from the public attention so as to keep people in the dark, pushing a tactic of discrediting the President via his statements over wiretapping is perhaps the only drum left to beat at the moment for a desperate establishment.

Much of the future opposition targeted at the President will likely revolve around stalling and opposing as many bills and orders as possible in an attempt to make the President and the GOP held Congress to appear inept and weak to the public, something the progressive party no doubt hopes would prompt victories in the mid term elections. The healthcare repeal, proposed budget plan, tax cuts and the looming border wall will provide plenty of opportunities for drawn out, trench warfare to be carried out by globalist shills.

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