Rise of the Orwellian State : Obama exposed Wire-Tapping Trump Tower while still President


President Trump has been quite active on Twitter the past few days, blasting the establishment, Nancy Pelosi and good ol’ Chuckie Schumer for their hypocritical stance on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, when they had plenty of meetings themselves with the foreign diplomat. Of note today though, and in continuance with the current open warfare being waged by the Deep State, is the revelation that Obama had Trump Tower tapped and wired while still President.

This goes hand-in-hand with the narrative that Obama helped facilitate and lay groundwork for the traps and attacks that the Trump administration is now facing during its crucial, first 100 day period. As we mentioned in our article about Jeff Sessions earlier this week, Obama has been at the forefront of the assault on President Trump, his lackey’s have carried the standard for the former leader and now, per criminal scum Eric Holder, is coming out of retirement, so to speak, in order to lead the “resistance” himself. The Russian hacking narrative was pumped up into the hysteria that it currently is today during the waning days of the Obama administration, from the “Russian Dossier”, also known as the “Golden Shower Hoax”, to the droves of Russia hacked this, Russian hacked that accusations that flew like wildfire after the election. Obama’s administration also helped in the dismissal of Wikileaks ownership over the hacking of the Podesta emails and continued to lay the blame at Putin’s feet.

The discovery of President Obama approving the wiring and monitoring of Trump Tower, coupled with the unprecedented power that he allowed the intelligence agencies to receive as a parting gift to his cronies at the NSA and CIA is all too convenient to not be correlated. This has of course helped fuel the “leaks” that still have not been identified, adding weight to the argument that these leaks are in fact agents of the swamp, many of whom are holdovers from the Obama administration.

Regardless of President Trump’s agenda, policies or our opinion thereof, this bombshell accusation only sheds even greater light on the corruption of the establishment and the monsters therein that President Trump has stated on numerous occasions, his desire to eliminate. If the war on the Trump administration succeeds in taking down A.G. Sessions and can move to an eventual impeachment of President Trump we may well witness the final end to actual democracy in America as the Deep State, the Establishment and the global elites that control them will realize that they can now move with impunity and usurp all power from the American people. The current crises goes deeper than one’s own personal feelings towards President Trump and is attacking the very core of American values and liberties.

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