Progressive Censorship Continues to Erode Free Speech


Although we are living in a nation led by a Trump administration the progressive Marxist war of free speech is seemingly finding new ways to continue its attacks on differing opinions and topics that clash with the social justice narrative.

It was revealed yesterday that tech giant Google, arguably the gatekeeper to the internet for millions who may not understand how to use alternative search engines and outlets, has stated its intent to begin flagging what it considers “offensive” content. This discovery came about from an article on that was published after it investigated the practice of using human “data raters” to determine best practices that will allow for better search engine algorithms.

The article states claims made by Google explain that although the data raters feedback is certainly reviewed and used to improve efficiency, it is slow process that does not yield an immediate impact on what is displayed to users who search on the page. Examples displayed in the article are carefully used in the extreme to try and validate the necessity to edit search results to yield safer and more productive queries. This should be yet another red flag for those fighting against censorship, especially on the web.

Google is no stranger to internet censorship, especially at the behest of the progressive elites. In January the tech giant moved to permanently ban over 200 different news sites that it designated as “fake news” ¬†from using its AdSense platform. A move clearly designed with aim of crippling the revenue and funding for these sites and attempt to shutdown the sites through lack of income. Perhaps the most noteworthy site to be banned was that of Infowars, the alternative media giant created by Alex Jones. The company was also linked to a push to crackdown on “fake news” in France through a partnership with Facebook. The need to control the flow of information regarding the migrant crises and crimes associated with refugees is no doubt critical in France to allow for the epidemic to continue unimpeded. Google was also implicated in a similar partnership in the United States, but was also linked to the George Soros funded Media Matters, a progressive “watch dog” group that focuses on silencing views that are alternative or counter to the progressive social narrative. The partnership, as implied by the report, is what helped lead to the banning of news sites deemed dangerous by Media Matters.

Of course, the irony that accompanies this news is the revelation that Google has taken no steps to silence videos on its media juggernaut, Youtube, that contain blatant Anti-Semitism, a move some in the U.K. accuse of bringing a profit margin to the company.

The risk posed by this move to censorship can not be overstated though. With a company that owns the vast majority of the smart phone market, the largest online video platform available in Youtube and various under online platforms through is meta company Alphabet comes the ability to severally restrict the flow of information.

This news comes on the heels of news reported by Zerohedge that clearly shows moves being taken by New York Assemblymen David I. Weprin to introduce a bill that is clearly aimed at restricting the 1st Amendment and allow provisions for the government to censor free speech based on what it approves and allowing for the forced removal of content, in literature or in any other form of media available online, that is deemed dangerous or offensive. This is a blatant move to enforce thought policing and allow only narratives approved by those in power to reach the public. We brought light to the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” ¬†that was placed into the 2016 update of the NDAA, signed by Obama as a parting gift to his progressive globalist partners.

The bill is shocking in its complete and blatant disregard for this nations constitutional right to the freedom of free speech. The bill will now doubt find plenty of progressive and Deep State Neo-Con traitors to support it and its journey. Even if the bill fails to pass the fact that it is an actual possibility should reflect the growing threat posed to Constitutional Rights still posed today by the progressive globalist cabal and their political shills.

As the increasingly irrelevant Mainstream Media continues its war on public perception and attempts to control official narratives approved by the State, these moves to restrict accessibility to alternative news outlets and control free speech should be of major public concern. These moves represent measures and fail safes being implemented by organizations and politicians to ensure that a Deep State and progressive globalist narrative continues to reach the masses. This is no doubt even more vital to the success of progressive globalist agendas during an administration that has no problem confronting the lies of the media and circumventing traditional press releases to deliver its message to the American people.

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