Op-Ed : Flynn Resignation Highlights Dangers of the Deep State


In what is now global news, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned from his position late Monday evening. The move is certainly being touted as a major victory by many jubilant progressives who continue to eat the mainstream narratives aimed at discrediting an administration that has not even surpassed a month in office. Of course this is a controlled direction that is shifting attention away from several glaring dangers that should receive far more attention than they are being given.

The reality of the resignation is that it was coup through a methodical and ruthless attack on President Trump’s administration, one that has been orchestrated by the established rot that comprises the deep state and their constant partners in crime, the mainstream media. In a report from The Washington Free Beacon, one that should be setting off alarms and sirens due to its conspiratorial nature that is reminiscent of a real Big Brother, it was exposed that this resignation was performed under the direction of operatives and agents under the direction of Obama. The report states that this “…is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran…”.

This is on the heels of an article last week from the New York Post that described how Obama has set up shop in the White House’s backyard with an organization full of operatives and lobbyists whose sole intention is to interfere with President Trump’s agenda in order to both undermine the current administration and preserve Obama’s key deals and his failing legacy. These actions should be triggering another siren or alarm, the fact that the former President, one who undoubtedly expected his agenda to be furthered for at least another four years, is now actively working against the current President is extraordinary and is, frankly shocking. Yet this is just another symptom of a disease that has paralyzed Washington for decades now, one that continues to drag this nation towards the goals of a socialized world. A world that Obama helped to construct with the U.N. and the E.U. and is now suddenly falling apart before his very eyes.

Of course, the unparalleled attacks and opposition that the Trump administration has faced is now becoming an accepted reality, and that is what should be most concerning. Misdirection, propaganda and fake news have used a blitzkrieg worth of stories and lies in order to paint President Trump as a fascist dictator, an ill-equipped leader who is emotionally unstable and mentally unfit for his job. These are all attempts to smear and undermine the President and cripple his ability to drain the swamp and dismantle much of the state’s established agendas. By painting President Trump in this light the establishment is able to justify its unprecedented attacks, this is how they are able to sell the need for the intelligence agencies to investigate the administration or legitimize the need for criminal leaks that are betraying sensitive, classified information.

Rather than allowing for the people to question why it was suddenly unacceptable for Michael Flynn to be in contact with any Russian persons before the confirmation, a practice that is expected from members of an incoming cabinet in order to lay the scaffolding for future relations, we find a narrative that has created a climate of hysteria in the sheeple of this nation that are unable to think critically anymore. This is the first victory in what has been a farcical smear campaign built on the basis of a state induced public “Russophobia”, a level of national fear-mongering that has not been seen since the days of the infamous Senator McCarthy. The Russophobia that was weaponized against Flynn and President Trump has obviously arisen from the contrived stories blaming Russia for hacking the election as well as its involvement in the Clinton/Podesta email scandal has finally paid of for an establishment desperate for a win against the agenda of President Trump.

The real danger now is what comes next with the first few drops of blood finally floating in the waters. The establishment’s obsession with instigating a war with Russia should be well known at this point in time. NATO’s tough guy stance was bolstered during Obama’s two terms as the U.N. kept circling the eastern giant, trying to provoke a reaction from Putin and company. This came to a head in months before President Trumps inauguration as the exiting administration tried desperately to force the incoming POTUS into a corner and leave him with an unreconcilable position with Russia. From blaming Russia with an “act of war” for election tampering they did not commit and Podesta emails that were not hacked by them, to the unprecedented expulsion of 37 Russian diplomats, Obama and his establishment lackey’s tried everything in their power to goad Putin into a reaction. This obviously failed of course as there is no ongoing conflict due to fact that Putin refused to take the bait laid by a “lame duck” President and chose instead to wait for the arrival of a leader who openly desired better relations with its fellow superpower.

These facts and the bullet that the nation collectively dodged with Clinton’s loss during the election should allow for the dots to be connected on why Flynn has been politically assassinated. The now former National Security Advisor had crosshairs on him for a couple of different reasons, both of which are significant. The most damning of course was his desire to repair relations with Russia and reverse the war of perceptions waged against the country that attempted to paint it as this nation’s public enemy. His continued existence would have certainly reversed and undermined years of work and maneuvering by the deep state, the military-industrial complex, and ultimately globalist elites who have waged their own personal war against Putin.

Flynn would have done the complete opposite of what President Trumps November adversary would be undertaking had she won the election. This is of course a theme in Flynn’s political career, as he was fired by President Obama for refusing to preach the company line that ISIL was not a threat and did not deserve U.S. attention. The retired general also drew ire and wrath for his support of the damming and quickly hidden “Pizzagate” conspiracy that linked the Clintons, Podesta and many other elites to a pedophilia ring. One need only view Clinton’s smug twitter shot after his resignation to see the pettiness, and undoubted relief, at one of her major adversaries removal from play.


This is all of course setting the stage for an even greater push by the establishment against the current President. The “Russian Agent” narrative that is being sold to the public in an attempt to undermine President Trump has been the go to smear campaign since his victory in November and to further stoke these fires this resignation has paved the way for more investigations by the vaunted intelligence agencies who have been exposed as a major source of the criminal leaks emanating from the White House.

As the socialist elites and the current deep state have still failed to halt the progress of President Trump through unsuccessful recounts and an attempt at a coup through the electoral college they now seem to be hedging their bets on resuscitating the Russian narrative. The idiotic premise of President Trump as a “manchurian candidate” will find new life in the coming weeks as the deep state is already pushing the idea of impeachment. Already we see stories from the Wall Street Journal suggesting, falsely, that intelligence agencies are withholding secrets from the President for fear of them being leaked, ironic considering that they are the organizations that seem to be propagating many of these leaks. Fake news, still the most useful weapon for an establishment trying to control public response.

This is being justified by the idea of the President being a domestic threat and rather than continuing the narrative that whistleblowers were traitors, like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning were treated by Obama, they are now being treated as true heroes and although I wholeheartedly advocate for honesty and accountability from our political leaders, these actions are not borne from a rogue patriot but are rather being orchestrated as part of an effort to derail President Trump as much as possible.

Indeed, a whistleblower this week, one who was quickly and quietly swept under the rug, was William Binney, former NSA agent, who exposed the NSA for tapping the President’s phone conversations. Binney also went on to claim that he fully believes the NSA is the agency responsible for leaking the information regarding the exchange between Flynn and Vice President Mike Pence that led to the general’s resignation. To lend further credence to the former agents claims, The New York Times ran an article during the second week of January this year that discussed a last minute expansion of powers granted to the NSA before Obama left office.

This of course lends credence to the emerging war between the President and the established intelligence community and that should be a major concern for liberty minded citizens. The Constitution exists in part to check the powers of the government, further checks and balances for the President are manifested by the existence of congress but it is in now way, shape or form the responsibility of duty of the intelligence agencies to be above the law and above the people and government that they were created to serve. What is coming to light is an intelligence community grown over powerful and run amok. A group that is making power plays far beyond its scope of practice and these moves are clearly being performed at the behest of the “shadow government” that has long been hinted at, recently even by our current President.

The public, political destruction of Michael Flynn needs to be seen as a red light warning. One that exposes the machinations of the deep state, the establishment and the global elites that have an agenda that is counter to the well being of this nation or the world as a whole. Their new narrative will allow for a combined assault on the two most powerful opponents to their one world vision, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and as such will in all likelihood usher in even more drastic and aggressive actions as they wage war against these two men and those who oppose their ideology. As is becoming an increasing necessity, it will fall on the people to dig deeper and read between the lines when examining the stories and narratives that are fed to us in order to continue following the truths and realities that are continually obscured.

Eternal Student, someone who is trying to navigate this minefield that is life. Constantly questioning and examining the reality we find ourselves in is a full time job but hopefully my musings can help others find light in this world.


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