Night of The Living Dead at Berkley: Why The New Weaponized Zombies are Scarier than Fiction


When I first saw images of Berkeley taken from helicopters, the first thought I had was “Wow, this looks like some kind of horror movie.”


A hoard of figures in black swarmed through barricades hurling smoke bombs, fireworks and rocks at the school and the police officers who were (supposed to be) providing security for the Milo Yiannopoulos Free Speech event.

The rioters looked like zombies, and indeed, many of them for all intents and purposes are zombies…worse still, they’ve been given a mission by the establishment. They’ve been weaponized by their handlers, and much of the main stream media as well as celebrities are more or less encouraging them.

The rowdy group we witnessed start fires and attack people- including women- have adopted a pathological ideology that condones not only suppressing  opinions they dislike, but doing so with violence and hate- the very words hide behind- to further their crusade against an open and free America. They have left their brains somewhere along the way and now demand the rest of us do the same.


But why this maelstrom of violent opposition in Berkeley California?


All because a gay, Jewish author, speaker and freedom advocate known for his sometimes salacious and incendiary remarks was going to be holding an event focused on “safe zones” in college campuses, and the devastating consequences they have on free speech.


I have been evacuated from the UC Berkeley campus after violent left-wing protestors tore down barricades, lit fires,…

Posted by Milo Yiannopoulos on Wednesday, February 1, 2017


If you’re among the intellectual living you’ll likely view this as insane or surprising, and indeed it is insane, but surprising?…not so much given the recent reaction from the Progressive Left since Trump’s presidential win.


This is what happens when molly-coddled Millennials indoctrinated with cultural Marxism and ‘Social Justice’ don’t get what they want. They behave in a manner completely consistent with their beliefs.


Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT lumping ALL Anti-Trumpers into this orgy of madness.


There are plenty of people who disavow Trump due to his policies (and personality), and I was once among them. Even now, though hopeful, I will not turn a blind eye to aspects of Trump I find troubling or foreboding. On the contrary, I believe it is critical to hold the commander and chief accountable to the people and nation he represents.


But I digress…here I am talking sense in an article dedicated to the actions of the walking dead among America’s civilian rank.


The men and women engaging in violent animal-like behavior in an attempt to suppress opinions they don’t like have proven themselves to be an adversary we must take serious. This fringe group, though small, has become radicalized and their numbers are growing, with the more cowardly segment finding courage as the group grows larger and more extreme.


For this reason it is critical the “Antifa” (as they dub themselves) be held responsible for their violent actions and face the repercussions in the American Judicial system. I would even go as far as to entertain the notion of exile…though I can’t think of any country that would want to adopt the scummiest segment of our population… perhaps we could ask Saudi Arabia to do us a favor and take them in, after all, these are the same folks claiming Islam to be a religion of peace. Living in a Muslim controlled country might be just what the doctor ordered.


In all seriousness though, what do you do when lunatics band together and roam the streets committing violent hate crimes?


Maybe we could release the non-violent offenders rotting away in our prison system to make room for this rabble? I would be all for trading some pot dealers for Black Bloc members.


Or perhaps we could look to counter protesters among our more level-headed civilian population to attend these events and forcibly detain the men and women caught in the act of committing unprovoked violence until the police arrive to properly arrest them?

The problem we see is that the most brazen among these groups wear masks to conceal their identity and so can’t be rounded up after the dust settles.

No surprise there, criminals typically hide their identity, as do cowards.


At the end of the day, we’re faced with a problem that refuses to simply whither away and die.


We’re stuck with a percentage of the U.S. population that has been indoctrinated (read: brainwashed) to such a degree that they’re no longer willing to look facts, evidence or logic in the eye before forming a belief. Even worse, when presented with objective evidence that flies in the face of their ideology, they’re completely unwilling to have a change of heart (or mind).


This level of mass ignorance and indoctrination is terrifying, but I fear it may just be the beginning. It’s time good people stand up and demand truth as well as law be upheld. If we don’t, this will only get worse with time…and what happens when this generation moves into the public sector and become our police officers, firefighters and social workers?


It’s time to take action. Voting Trump into the white house isn’t enough, and even if he wants to, he can’t fix everything. 90% of the solution is in our hands.


For a start, let’s boycott establishments and individuals who oppose our freedom and openly mock us. Send a message to the elites, to Hollywood and to this cowardly rabble causing mayhem. Show them what this sleeping giant is capable of when aroused.

And most of all, get pissed off and REFUSE to take it any longer.

To Freedom! To The Republic! To Making America Great Again!

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