MAGA : Trump cracks down on Illegals and Refugees


Following through on yet another of his notorious promises made on the campaign trail, President Trump signed Executive Orders into existence on Wednesday that will place a temporary halt on Visas being issued to citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Libya. All the nations being targeted have links to or house very active terrorist cells.

While many in the Mainstream will decry this as yet another sign of a fascist cabinet, this is a move that is ultimately necessary to allow for much needed reform and retooling of both the immigration process and the vetting and background checks needed to filter out dangerous individuals. One needs only remember FBI Director Comey’s admission that the current vetting process is certainly lacking in its abilities to screen potential terrorists or criminals, and with a total of 38,901 Muslim refugees who entered the U.S. last year this is a prudent move.

Beleaguered citizens of European nations such as Germany and Sweden, now the rape capital of the West, who find themselves inundated with undocumented refugees, many of which have contributed to spikes in crime throughout their host nations would no doubt welcome a policy such as this.

The ban itself has no strict deadline and could be expected to last anywhere from several months to an as yet undetermined and potentially indefinite time in the future. Its lifespan appears to be dependant on aspects of immigration and its background checks producing measures that the President and his cabinet feel will produce a more efficient process that keeps criminals out of this country.

Concurrent to this news came an order that will now mandate “Sanctuary Cities” in the United States to produce weekly reports detailing crimes committed by known illegal citizens. This report is to be released in a way that is available to not only the President but concerned citizens and interested parties. Again, expect this to be met with a loud wailing emanated from the progressive liberal camp, as they try to convince everyone that it is, as mentioned above, another sign of a totalitarian government.

Of course, one only needs to realize that as of 2015, the nation had in excess of 179000 illegal immigrants who were known criminals. But, remember, we are to practice a tolerant form of cultural relativity in this new age that prohibits us from judging those around us who are from other countries nor hold them accountable for crimes or actions that conflict with our moral systems. As I mentioned above though, one need only look to Europe to see just how successful Multiculturalism and Cultural Relativism truly are.

As we find ourselves one mere week into the presidency of Donald J. Trump we have witnessed several massive blows to the globalist agenda. These last two actions are clear evidence of a cabinet that clearly rejects globalism, the elites that pander it, and the destruction of national identity that it involves.

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