MAGA : TPP is Dead


In one of his very first acts as the acting 45th President, Donald Trump flexed his executive muscles and shattered the Trans Pacific Partnership with one fell swoop of his writing hand.

The blockbuster trade agreement has come to be viewed as one of Obama’s signature deals, viewed in prowess next to the soon to be defunct Affordable Care Act. The TPP has been met with much vocal opposition from many in the liberty camp as it included several major blows to individual freedoms. Aspects of particular concern included a greater restriction and control over Intellectual Properties with the aim of benefiting the establishment and its cronies, allowing for more control over internet censorship, provisions for less protections being afforded to reporters and journalists acting in a “whistle-blower” role, and loosening the privacy of internet users.

This was all carefully weaved throughout the deal agreement and its documentation in the, now disgustingly routine, vagaries and pomp language so common in legislatures such as these that allow for the planting of laws and restrictions that are ultimately detrimental to the freedoms and liberties of this nation’s citizens. By moving decisively on his decision to withdraw the United States from the TPP, Trump has dealt a rather large blow to the globalist elites agenda. This is of course great news in the war against globalism and will hopefully set the tone for a presidency that has the opportunity to protect the American public from further slips towards a liberal social global order.

Of course, rather than shining any light on the freedoms that President Trump has protected for U.S. citizens, the media has already adopted a disparaging smear campaign targeted at labeling the Commander-in-Chief as a greedy, narrow-sighted protectionist whose actions will allow for an unprecedented rise in global economics by China filling the void left by the U.S. in the multinational global economy. The move is also being used to paint the President as not upholding the promised harsh stance regarding Asia that he preached on the campaign trail. These views seem unfounded in light of his assertion yesterday the the United States would no longer follow the timid stance of previous regimes regarding China’s claim of national sovereignty over the South China seas and would instead begin a hard line stance of enforcing their status as sovereign free international waters.

This slant is just par for the course as the Mainstream Media continues its campaign to de-legitimize and undermine the new President at every turn. For the moment though, this action can be viewed as a victory for individual liberties and will continue to strengthen the hope that President Trump may yet drain some of the rotting swamp that pervades Washington.

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