Lost Feeds Continue to Plague Fake News CNN


During President Trumps “Obamacare Victims Meeting” that the POTUS held yesterday at the White House, the increasingly pathetic CNN yet again lost its feed that was covering the meeting. This was conveniently timed after a cattle rancher spoke of facing the loss of her business due to the the crushing costs of Obamacare. This model of cutting feeds on those who deliver facts or opinions counter to the Liberal Progressive mindset of a news network that reveres their beloved paragons of Leftism, Obama and the Clintons, is becoming to routine to be mere coincidence. I mean, I suppose they could regularly face technical errors and difficulties but it would be hard to see how a multi-billion dollar media firm is unable to solve issues that most other Mainstream outlets simply do not wrestle with on a weekly basis.

The meeting allowed for various citizens to air their grievances over the astronomical premiums associated for many who apply for Obamacare and do not fall into the tiny “sweet spot” based on income brackets that allow for manageable rates. These complaints obviously throw accusations and shade on a program that is still the crowning achievement of Obama, something CNN certainly does not appreciate.

One might also humor themselves with this Youtube compilation of some of CNN’s better narrative manipulations during the Presidential Campaign last year.


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