Looming Testimony of Michael Flynn Further Clouds Trump-Russia Narrative


Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn agreed to testify before the House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the alleged ties between President Trump and Russia that is dominating current media headlines.

The progressive establishment, Deep State and their media puppets are rabidly foaming over the news as they attempt to twist the story to support their failing narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the November elections. Pundits and shills are screaming that Gen. Flynn’s demands for immunity are clear evidence of his intentions to “flip” and spill the beans on evidence that will finally damn the current POTUS.

This may not be the case however as President Trump tweeted his support for Gen. Flynn this morning, something he is quite unlikely to do if he felt that Flynn posed a threat to his administration. This is reinforced by the fact that the president has no problem publicaly calling out his opponents.

The second piece of information that is being avoided by the Mainstream Media is a letter released by┬áRobert Kelner, Gen. Flynn’s lawyer. The letter does not overtly corroberate that Flynn is seeking immunity nor does it imply maning evidence on President Trump incoming. Rather, the letter seems to imply the willingness to testify may be based on Flynn’s desire to clear his smeared and defamed name after his resignation earlier this year.


Letter release on Thursday by Gen. Michael Flynn’s lawyer.


It would seem odd that a man who was a high profile victim of the lefts war on the current POTUS would be willing to aide those who removed him from his post as the National Security Adviser. His political assassination was public and high profile, the manner in which it was performed was brutal and merciless and it was led by the Deep State and progressive establishment. Also of note is how he was humiliated by the Obama administration and then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton years ago after he refused to tow the company line that ISIL was not a radical Islamic danger.

No, it would certainly seem a stretch to think that Gen. Flynn would be so willing to aide his destroyers. It may be far more plausible to think that a man humiliated by the Deep State, one who was privy to state secrets and possibly aware of the Obama administrations dirty secrets, would desire to add weight to the looming revelations of evidence held by Rep. Devin Nunes and the Trump administration that is alleged to reveal the rampant abuse of surveillance and power by Obama.

This is all conjecture of course, and at this point in the circus that is swallowing Capitol Hill anything is possible. The fact that the Intelligence Committee has yet to accept Flynn’s offer is noteworthy as the Deep State must now plan its chess moves far more strategically as it awaits the revelation of the “wiretapping” and NSA Whistle blower evidence and as such must ensure that any allowances to Flynn will not further erode its position in the ongoing power struggle with President Trump.

The coming weeks certainly promise plenty of fireworks to come it would seem.

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