Liberal Tolerance gives way to Panic Driven Hate


In astonishing hypocritical fashion the progressive establishment and its media cronies have resorted to hate filled, mudslinging pettiness as they try to accept the dawn of an America that has resoundingly rejected their liberal socialist ideologies.

After failing to prevent the inauguration of President Trump through various attempts at political sabotage it would seem that, for all the profound intellectual prowess of the left, they are left to throw sticks and stones at any aspect of Trump and his supporters they can. It should be no surprise that an ideology that grounds its beliefs in the dangerous and subject views of moral relativism that it has become wholly acceptable to stoop to this level of immature playground level attempts at harassment.

After suffering through the vile and venomous diatribes of “respectable” icons of female power such as Madonna, who now infamously bragged about “blowing up the White House” or Ashley Judd, whose hate filled, rant on a stage in D.C., that I’m sure somehow advocated an advancement in women’s suffrage, we are now finding ourselves mired in a temper tantrum the likes of which the nation has never before witnessed.

Of course, attacking Trump is not enough at this point. We now see hate spilling over from the left aimed at his family. One of SNL’s estimable writers has found herself suspended indefinitely after joking that Trumps youngest son, 10 year old Barron Trump, “Will be this nation’s first Home School Shooter” on Twitter. These hate filled attacks were furthered along by more ignorance on behalf of comedian Stephe Spinola, who commented on the boys inevitable future as a date rapist.This is all just a continuation of a disgusting smear campaign on a defenseless child, merited simply by his last name, that has stemmed back to the pathetic and groundless diagnoses of Barron Trumps autism by medical expert Rosie O’Donnell. This all happening before the election, the child now finds himself squarely in the cross hairs of hate filled ignorance.

Of course President Trumps wife is now finding herself an ever growing target for these hate filled aggressions. In what is truly a crown jewel of hypocrisy from a liberal media that advocates on behalf of immigrants, actress Chelsea Handler proudly states that she would refuse to interview Melania Trump since she apparently is “barely able to speak English”. Of course she ends her interview commenting on how disgusting and gross the President is while seemingly failing to notice how reprehensible and fundamentally bigoted her own comments are.

For a party based on an ideological view of tolerance and acceptance that is wrapped up in an air of intellectual superiority there is a great deal of hypocrisy and ignorance being spewed about. Of course, the best thing to come of this may be allowing the panic stricken screams of a rotting, flawed movement to continue contradicting and tearing itself apart. For those of you who proudly identify with this progressive movement, stay classy. You are simply making it easier to invalidate your ideology.

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