Let Us Take a Moment to Enjoy John McCain’s Glorious Meltdown on Sen. Rand Paul


Senator John McCain just can’t seem to let go of his Russian obsession. Whether it is continuing to stir the pot that is the “Russian Hacking” narrative to prevent it from fading out of the national spotlight to trying his best to rattle the Neo-Con saber at the eastern super power, the man just cannot let it go. This isn’t surprising as he has been one of the most vocal over the years regarding the “need” for tougher and tougher moves against Russia.

Syria, Ukraine, Putin, Hacking, Sanctions, the soapbox is endless for the geriatric politician but his latest antics, namely a very public, very entertaining meltdown yesterday on the Congressional floor regarding his desire to push for the absorption of Monte Negro in the U.N. when Senator Rand Paul antagonistically objected to the bill leaving the blowhard reeling and stammering. Senator Paul is no friend of McCain nor does he share much of the establishments favor for continued support for and involvement in the United Nations.

The clearly stupefied and disgruntled war-hawk was incredulous that Senator Paul would object and walk away without placating the blowhards need for debate over the matter. Senator Paul dropped the mic on McCain and all the over glorified war hero could muster was a rant that culminated in the accusation that the Senator from Kentucky is now clearly, as if it should be obvious based on his behavior, working for Vladimir Putin as an agent in the United States Congress. In John McCain’s broken logic it seems that any who do not support the U.N. or its desire to gobble up every nation that is not China, North Korea or Russia is a traitor.

It seems we can now add senile and delusional to the list of adjectives used to describe the elderly statesman.

Although the incident does provide us with a good laugh, the severity of the accusations should give pause to onlookers. The accusations could be construed to paint Senator Rand Paul, already in the national media as he leads the resistance to Paul Ryan’s joke of a healthcare bill, as a traitor and yet another of Putin’s ever growing list of Manchurian Candidates. When that is partnered with the constant attacks being leveled against President Trump’s administration over their alleged connections to Russia it would seem that it is suddenly chic to label any standing politician who opposes enmity with Russia as a traitor.

Joe McCarthy would be proud of this new carefully constructed resurrection of Russophobia. This is straight out of the current political playbook where we are allowed to destroy anyone with a differing opinion with whatever derogatory and destructive term is applicable, racist, bigot, traitor, Islamophobe, etc. We can see Orwellian thought policing in full effect to silence dissent against the globalist establishment.

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