Islamaphobia Media Smear Campaign Ramps Up


In the wake of last weeks now infamous travel ban, the Mainstream Media has engaged in a full blown assault on not only President Trump, who receives criticism for seemingly every possible action, but now on the lightning rod that is his Chief Strategist, Advisor and now member of the National Security Council, Stephen Bannon.

Bannon came to fame as the man beside the website Breitbart, whom he ran beside the late Andrew Breitbart. His right-wing views, bluntness in reporting facts on Breitbart and massive audience whom trust the site have made him public enemy number two right behind the President in the eyes of the establishment.

The Bannon smear campaign centers around the desire to paint him as a xenophobic anti-muslim who is simultaneously being portrayed as the second most powerful man in the country. The image that is being painted is laughably that of some dark puppet master, the Emperor Palpatine to Donald Trump’s role as Vader.

The focal point for these growing attacks revolves around the issues of the travel ban instituted by the President during his second week in office. Of course the left and the media launched a full fledged war, citing racism, bigotry, hate and xenophobia borne of Islamaphobia as the reasons behind the ban. Of course, the media carefully failed to mention the six month travel ban implemented in 2011 by Obama, an action that was the response to the infiltration of two known Al-Qaeda agents and enacted to “preserve national security”, nor did they bother to give attention to his Cuban ban, instituted weeks before he left office, an order that left thousands of Cubans stranded and more deported.

No, rather than highlight the shortcomings of their crown jewel Obama, the media in particular launched a full-fledged attack on the order and condemned it as a racist “Muslim Ban”. The reality of the bans scope is that it was not cherry picked from nations that President Trump merely disapproves of or has business ties to, another ridiculous fake news story that briefly circulated social media, but rather was centered around the existing “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015” which was approved by his predecessor. A copy of the bill can be viewed here, the section of interest regarding the nations that President Trump included is contained in Section 3 of the bill.

In actuality, the ban, regardless of whether it could have been implemented smoother, something that would have merely prompted infiltration by any would be terrorists had they known beforehand, is no different in its desire to preserve national security than those enacted during Obama’s reign. The 90 day ban will allow for the implementation of stricter vetting and lower the limit to refugees yearly to that of fifty thousand, the same number allowed under the first few years of the program under Obama. The ban is not a Muslim Ban as it does not differentiate and allow for those identifying as differing religions to enter that nation either. These facts won’t stop a corrupt establishment and media from twisting the narrative though, and that is exactly what has continued for over a week now.

The Washington Post published a blatant hit piece on Bannon last week that focused on one of his scrapped documentary scripts, titled “Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Fascism”. The article subversively attempts to use the evidence of the film and its draft to paint a xenophobic and racist image of the advisor while trying to link it to the travel ban as more proof of its racist intent. This article spurred a deluge of similar pieces from other outlets such as USA Today and The Guardian in an attempt to further discredit the administration and its members.

The reality of this situation is that Islam is ultimately an ideology that is incompatible with Western Culture, a culture that regardless of its predominant religious affiliation today was created with traditional Christian values and beliefs for centuries. Radical Islam is not going to simply go away, as an ideology and religion it cannot be defeated in a conventional war. It will continue to survive much as it has since the inception of the Muslim faith in the eighth century. Islam is a religion of subjugation, submission and conversion, one that is predicated on its belief in superiority over all other faiths and as such does not allow for the tolerance of other religions.

Certainly not all Muslims are extremists or terrorists and that is why there is legal provision for acceptance of refugees who have undergone extensive screenings to be granted Visa’s or permitted citizenship. Ultimately though, the threat of Islamic extremists is real. One need only to look at Europe and witness the Swedish rape crises, the rise in refugee related crimes in Germany or the constant terror attacks in France to see the results on uncontrolled and unchecked immigration. Open borders will always lead to destruction and harm for the host nation if not controlled and will ultimately undermine national sovereignty.

When one scratches at the surface and starts to follow the webs of funding and organizations that support this agenda it is not only certainly unsettling but also evident that there are masters pulling the strings in an attempt to centralize the world. As we have previously discussed on this site, the U.N. and the E.U. are proxies, trials of this view. The U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development leaves little to the imagination as to their intent for a one world government in their carefully worded statements.

Strengthening national borders in today’s era of globalization is paramount to that nation’s security and the safety of its citizens. It is not xenophobic, racist or fascist to desire a more robust and secure vetting process for immigrants and refugees, no matter how convenient it may be for the droves of uneducated sheeple to bleat these derogatory slanders at all who oppose the regressive marxist mindset. A globalized and centralized world government is the end goal of the global elites, tearing down national identities and sovereignty is a number one priority to ensure that agenda comes to fruition and as such it is little wonder that the refugee crises has been a favorite weapon in their arsenal for the past decade. It should be noted that the loudest proponent for Islamic immigration and tolerance, the lead poster child in organizing resistance to the travel ban bill, with heavy funding from George Soros, is CAIR who is also the largest Islamic outreach organization globally, has ties to HAMAS terrorist cells. The same group whose founder once infamously stated that “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.”. But, opposing that viewpoint in today’s America labels you as a fascist and bigot.

President Trump and his administration will face increased attacks in the coming days and months over this policy and countless others. It will require greater responsibility and discernment on the part of this nation’s citizens to parse through the slander and trash and find the truths and realities behind the leaders actions as well as to continue looking deeper so as to see the true globalist agendas that are a very real threat to this nation and its global brethren.


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