House Intelligence Commitee Chairman Admits Surveillance of President Trump


In a report that surfaced this afternoon Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Cal) confirmed in a statement to the press that the intelligence community did in fact collect data on President Trump and his team during the presidential campaign last year.

Nunes reiterated that he has previously stated that the IC has previously collected data on citizens “involved in the incom but emphasized that “details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.”

He also went on to admit that multiple names of were consequently unmasked by the communities involved, this would be a violation of the privacy of the individuals who were unmasked. The Californian representative also made it a point to highlight that this surveillance discovery has “no┬áconnection to the ongoing “investigation” in the alleged Russian-Trump collusion efforts or supposed Russian tampering with the election.

This revelation is a bombshell if you will recall that FBI Director James Comey stated under oath that the FBI had not seen any evidence of surveillance conducted on President Trump. This new revelation shoots holes throughout that statement and also makes the silence from the FBI, which Nunes said he had been unable to communicate with before his press release even more curious. The fact that the information was “widely disseminated” will also bring pause to those who are aware of an executive order signed by Obama right before leaving office that allowed for previously unheard of freedom of information sharing between the big players in the intelligence community. Of course all of this could be conjecture, but that is the danger of a vacuum that South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy warned of on Mondays hearing with Comey and until concrete answers appear it will be interesting to watch what narrative is spun by the establishment and their media shills.

We predict that much focus will be placed on the word “incidental” as a play to marginalize the fact that more American citizens were spied upon by their Big Brother Government and undermine the severity of the situation but only time will tell. We are already seeing attacks and posturing from the left emanate over this release, California Representative, Democrat Jackie Speier has already began to accuse Nunes of releasing this information in an attempt to distract the public from the non-existant connection between President Trump and Russia while super shill, Democrat Adam Schiff has begun stirring the pot for an independent, Democrat led investigation into the collusion theory. There is that screeching “Muh Russia” narrative we mentioned on Monday, I’m sure an independent, Democrat led investigation will no doubt quickly find mountains of “evidence” to quickly dump into the Mainstream Media.

Regardless of just how “incidental” the gathering of the data was, President Trump appears to be vindicated yet again, much as he was when his tax record blew up in Rachel Maddow’s face and after the admission by congress that there is no evidence yet showing collusion between the administration and Russia. The hearing just became a whole lot more interesting.

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