Hand-to-Hand Combat & Safe Spaces: The Progressive Left Goes to War With The President and America


First there were safespaces, designated anti-free speech areas on college campuses created to protect the fragile feelings of students with illogical belief systems from opinions and ideas that might offend them, but that’s fast becoming history and now this same crowd has begun “self defense” classes open to everyone…except Republicans, Campus Reform reports:


The “Knights for Socialism” group at the University of Central Florida (UCF) held a workshop Sunday to teach left-wing students how to “BASH THE FASH” with a “Leftist Fight Club” open to everyone but Republicans.


According to the group’s own event page, Donald Trump, the President of the United States is sexual predator and rapist, and now sexual assault and sexual violence is about to skyrocket.


Knights For Socialism Facebook Event


The class was held Sunday February 5th, mere days after the Berkeley Riots when radical Left-Wing “Anti Fascist” (or Antifa) members turned a protest violent, destroying school property and physically assaulting both men and women who had turned up, ironically, to listen to a speech on free speech and the consequences of “safe zones” on university campuses by well known Right leaning gay Jewish author and speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.


It’s incredible to see such the already radicalized and extremely vocal far Left now move towards violence, or as they describe it: Learning to “Bash The Fash” which is quite similar to a slogan stated before: “It’s Never Wrong To Punch A Nazi”– because as long as you call someone a fascist or a nazi, it’s not wrong to attack and beat them senseless.


Reason covered the event (an event that less than 25 people attended according to Knights For Socialism’s event page) and heralded it as “Awesome” and mocked conservatives and Republicans, insinuating they should endorse the an event specifically designed to teach attendees how to physically fight them.



For a quick thought experiment, imagine Right leaning students starting a “Fight Club” teaching attendees how to defend themselves from The LGBT and other minority communities due to increased hostilities (instigated almost exclusively by these communities and their white knights by the way) at protests and rallies… JUST. IMAGINE. THE. BACKLASH.

As one Republican from the University, Scott Benton noted:


“If you can’t hang with someone on a debate stage, then you resort to other means to try and justify your cause.”


As the fringe left grows more radicalized they’re becoming violent, and this is developing at a startling rate. Days after Milo’s event was cancelled due to the violent riots, Right leaning speaker and Rebel Media founder Gavin McInnes was attacked with bear mace while walking into NYU where he attempted to deliver a speech that was interrupted by screaming protestors.



If one thing has become clear since Trump’s inauguration, it’s that the opposing side is no longer interested in debating the issues and has resorted to outright bullying and physical violence.


One might find it ironic that the same group demanding “safe zones” to protect them from IDEAS and OPINIONS are now hosting “Fight Clubs” aimed at training their rabble how to fight Trump supporters, but it isn’t. This is classic Marxism in action. It happened under Mao, Lenin and Stalin and eventually led to the systematic murder of well over a hundred million people in the twentieth century once communism had been established and power centralized.


While I still retain doubt as to this violent fringe minority going into and all out civil war, the likelihood of further domestic terrorist attacks in the name of “Anti-Fascism” from these groups is almost certain.


While it’s easy to become infuriated by the actions of our opposition, it’s more critical than ever that true American Patriots stick to their principles and don’t succumb to the taunt. We are defeating this rabble peacefully and it’s driving them to insanity.

Violence should continue to be avoided, and unless you’re physically attacked by these thugs, don’t fall into their hands by resorting to fist-to-cuffs when incited. We’ve taken the high road thus far and our honor and tradition demands we maintain it.


Our founders were patient when dealing with the British and only resorted to conflict when it was absolutely unavoidable. Those who know history understand the importance in allowing one’s enemy to strike first.


We won a huge battle by voting Trump into office and we hold the higher ground in government for the first time in years.


Be smart brothers and sisters. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, because if one thing’s certain, it’s that things are going to continue to intensify.


Wake people up and most importantly, decide where you stand in this fight and what you’re willing to sacrifice to ensure America returns as the bastion of liberty and freedom it once was.


Below are a couple more facebook posts from the group who put on the “Fight Club” event:











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  1. The spit screaming filthy liberal worm and it’s inbred SJW sodomites presently have the support of the media sewer rats, pedo Hollywood and academia.

    They hate cops but need them for protection as they riot and assault with impunity in the name of gimme free stuff. If the aim is anarchy, it may end the police protection that the spit screaming filthy liberal worm and it’s inbred SJW sodomites presently enjoy.

    That might be a good thing…

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