Grasping at Straws: Mainstream Media Launches Desperate Attack on Trump’s Inauguration Speech



Just hours after the newly appointed President Donald J. Trump made his first speech as commander and chief, the establishment media sought hard to make sure the public didn’t form their own opinion on the speech without their aid.

I was dumbstruck when I found a “fact check” of Trump’s inaugural speech from The Associated Press and circulated on PBS. The speech was simple enough to be understood by a twelve year old and centered around a transfer of power from Washington to the people. Yet it was met with passionate hatred by many in the establishment. It wasn’t just scrutinized by the AP, several other news agencies jumped on board including NPR and Vox. These all appeared on the first page of google when searching for a transcript of the speech.


How incredibly odd to “fact check” an inaugural speech, I thought. Like you, I was curious to see if this was commonplace and I was simply unaware of the practice… However, when I searched for Obama’s 2012 inauguration speech, I couldn’t find a single fact check on it from the mainstream news. In fact, the only items that appear are all about Trump’s speech!


It would be hard to find a clearer image of desperation. The constant attempts at character assassination, the blatant lies, misinformation, and claims of all right leaning or anti-establishment media outlets being fake news, and now fact checking an inaugural speech immediately after it was made.


It didn’t end there. News anchors called it divisive, racial and insulting. Chris Mathews claimed the speech was ‘racial’ before correcting himself and calling it ‘hitlarian’ instead.


I don’t care who you are, whether you hate Trump or love him– this ain’t about him. This is about the agencies we’ve trusted for generations to give us the facts without bias, to bring us the events of the world in an objective manner… it’s about these agencies openly choosing a side while betraying all Americans, not to mention their obligation as journalists.


How can a news organization claim to be non-biased or non-agenda driven while so severely scrutinizing everything one party does while sugar coating and turning a blind eye to the other? They aren’t even hiding their allegiance anymore!


Gallup polls in 2016 showed historically low trust in the mainstream media by American citizens. It’s becoming more apparent by the day that these institutions are little more than propaganda arms of their “elite” masters who continue to pull us further from our roots and closer to a dependence on government and ultimately, tyranny.
It seems the mainstream media can be relied on for novelty, but should be taken seriously at your own risk (of being lied to). These folks aren’t giving us the news, and we certainly aren’t giving them our trust. It’s just a matter of time until they go the way of the dinosaurs…extinction.

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