Globalist Crosshairs Target French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen


Yesterday it was revealed that the European Parliament immunity enjoyed by French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was revoked by court orders. This has arisen in response to images the politician posted to her Twitter that depicted the brutal and heinous murders committed by ISIS combatants.

France is at the forefront of a well-known crises that has arisen due to the massive influx of undocumented refugees and Muslim immigrants. Due to the numerous riots, violence, terror threats and a general rise in crime correlated to the refugee population, many French citizens are now living in world where terror related attacks and crime is a new, common reality. This has of course fostered a growing resentment and push back against the E.U. and it’s heavily enforced immigration demands, that include ridiculous fines for not meeting immigration quotas, by many in France.

Le Pen, leader of the ultra-rightwing National Front party, has seized upon this and has used it to help strengthen her nationalist calls for leaving the E.U., deporting the masses of immigrants and protecting French sovereignty. She has also been a vocal critic of globalist shill Angela Merkel and her policies that have led to German’s own refugee crises. Merkel is of course one of the most prominent faces of the E.U. and it’s open societies ideals that seek to undermine much of Europe’s national sovereignty and identities.

Of note, as reported by Reuters, this is not the first time that Le Pen has lost her political immunity over her attitude to radical Islam. She was also stripped of immunity and investigated over comments she made in 2013 that likened Muslims at prayer to the Nazi occupation of France 70 years ago. The outcome did little to damage her reputation or damage her view in the eyes of her many supporters.

Marine Le Pen is perhaps the most visible representation of the growing Populist movement that is sweeping a Europe that is growing increasingly tired of handing over its rights and autonomy to the every imposing E.U. and its globalist, one world views. The timing of the attack is in all likelihood, not a coincidence, for a candidate who has suddenly surged in the latest French election polls and represents a dire threat to the continued existence of the E.U. and a strong correlation to the current Russian narrative that is being used to attack President Trump can be seen in this seemingly last minute attack on the French candidate in order to derail her before she can win and help to undo the E.U.

Hopefully this attack will have as little impact as the last smear job that Le Pen overcame 4 years ago. It is a sad world we live in where one cannot expose the violence and brutality of radical Islam without fear of breaking some snowflake, tolerance based “Hate Crime” law.

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