FBI to Investigate Right Wing News Sites it Claims Influenced the Election for Ties to Russia


The circus that is The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into potential cyber warfare performed by Russia to influence the election is now reaching astronomical levels of stupidity. The straws that are being grasped at in order to try and find some way to decisively impact President Trump in a negative manner, whether through impeachment or blatant smear jobs is fast becoming ridiculous.

News leaked yesterday that the FBI would begin to investigate alternative right wing news outlets, namely Infowars, Breitbart and the Russian Times. These sites all carry heavyweight recognition in the world of online news outlets and as such are being accused of colluding with Russian intelligence in order to fill social media such as Twitter and Facebook with “fake news” aimed at undermining Hilary Clinton and by proxy handing the election to President Donald J. Trump.

Breitbart’s presence on this list may be worth monitoring above the rest due to its special connection to current presidential adviser Steve Bannon, who was the news jugernauts CEO before leaving to assist President Trump, both before and after his election. This connection will no doubt be railed upon as evidence of ill intent.

If we can overlook the fact that the FBI is choosing to blatantly ignore the likely reality that Clinton lost due to the fact that she was the weaker candidate, who was not trusted by a silent majority that did not want 4 more years of the Obama agenda then I suppose the need to find more scapegoats is plausible in order to placate and soothe snowflakes that are still unable to cope with the realities of life in America after the election.

What we are seeing here is a recycled narrative being pushed by an establishment that clearly is running out of ways to manufacture evidence to support their claims of the Trump-Russia narrative. It would seem that we are finding ourselves waking up to news feeds on repeat, the Mainstream narrative has me feeling dangerously close to Bill Murray’s character in the movie Groundhog Day.

The ressurection of the Fake News narrative should come as no surprise for any who watched the joke that was the hearing of FBI James Comey on Capital Hill yesterday, where The Washington Post and the debunked “Russian Dossier” suddenly count as evidence again. No, this construct allows for the story that Russia did in fact, somehow, steal the election from Hilary Clinton by the dissemination of “Russian Propaganda”.

The main charge lies around the claim that Russian Intelligence and Cyber Warfare communities created a virtual army of “bots” whose role centered around spamming millions of links to the previously mentioned right wing news sites to top social media sites. The FBI claims that this steered and manipulated public awareness and created a Pro-Trump, Anti-Hilary environment that ultimately led to the crooked former Secretary of States loss on November 8th. Again, never mind the fact that Clinton had miraculously dodged guilt over her actions at Benghazi, avoided attention over a deal that gave Russia 20% of our Uranium and then proceeded to loudly assist in the saber rattling that was aimed at Russia during Obama’s final months and dodged any consequence over the Podesta email scandal.

No, Hilary didn’t do this to herself, at least that is the narrative. Russia, the alt-media and Wikileaks did this to her and snatched the crown out of the queen to be’s reach.

What is more worrisome though over this new “investigation” is how the Deep State appears to be ramping up its war on free speech by painting everything counter to the establishment approved narrative as dangerous propaganda. We detailed earlier this week the steps being taken by google to censor its search algorithms as well as a bill introduced in New York that aims to force the silencing of any online material that is not deemed safe or approved by our swamp monster overlords.

It will be important for those who are awake and aware of the greater narrative and game being played in this country by the global elites to not allow this investigation to be hidden on the back burner lest we wake up and find that we are no longer allowed to pursue news sources and narratives that keep the lies of the mainstream in check.

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