Fake News : Crowd Control Lies


As the new Commander-in-Chief gets to work repairing the damage done to this country by his predecessors we find ourselves listening to a disillusioned Mainstream Media that would rather undermine Trumps legitimacy via pettiness and misinformation than report on events that truly matter.

As his second day in office comes to an end we must navigate the deceit and propaganda of state media to try and glean precious and increasingly rare truths. In light of the sad presence of the Mainstreams failed, rotting corpse we have yet another treasure to add to the vaults of “Fake News”.

As pathetic as it is, the new leader found himself and his staff guilty of creating “Alternative Facts” in regards to, of all things, the attendance of his inauguration. Of course, it should no longer be shocking to have to suffer through more menial smears emanating from the likes of CNN, The Washington Post and MSNBC but, alas, here we are. This is convenient no doubt, the Mainstream has lost its credibility and this event has given them another way to hide their own lies. Only those who must be completely incompetent or, worse, just willfully ignorant of truth, continue to listen and believe the diatribe of these crooks.

Creating a non-existent story, then manipulating statements made by members of Trumps party, namely Kellyanne Conway, has allowed for the new slander “Alternative Facts” to become the catchy new “in” word for the progressive intellectuals who seem to become more desperate for hope in their failing ideology. It is no more pathetic than the attempted reversal of the term “Fake News” as the Mainstream attempted to wiggle out of the cross-hairs of truth and turn the blame onto the Alternative Media that their lies forced into being. The Mainstream Media is already twisting the term to try and find yet another way to say someone other than themselves are the liars when different facts appear to contradict theirs.

The term was used by Conway to explain the numbers that Press Secretary Sean Spicer presented to a media hungry to try and portray Trumps inauguration as one of the smallest ever attended. My, how small and petty these honorable reporters have become. CNN quickly tried to paint an Orwellian image of the statement while we find that the Guardian has proudly reinforced this with its assertion that Conway’s statements and the apparent totalitarian views of the President she works for have spurred sales of the classic novel 1984 on Amazon. Never mind the little fact that the owner of Amazon is a known globalist elite whose agenda is no friend of President Trump. The media quickly piled onto this and created a sensationalized story that revolved around the photo below.

The reality is that the crowd was in fact, much larger than they would like us to believe. CNN has proudly rolled out an interactive gigapixel shot of the Inauguration, encouraging us to manipulate the image and view the event and its crowd in whatever level of scrutiny our heart so desires. You can follow the link here and play with it yourself but what I hope it will lead you to find is that the crowd size is much larger than we have so carefully been lead to believe.

I have included below however, a screenshot captured from the website that, although certainly from a vastly different vantage point than the images shown above, clearly shows a much larger attendance.

Of course, if you factor in the 31 million viewers reported by the Nielson ratings plus the undisclosed millions watching globally and via the internet, Press Secretary Spicer is most likely correct in his assessment that the inaugurations audience was in all likelihood the largest to date but, that is not the point of this article.

The real problem with this situation is the simple fact that crowd attendance became such an issue  just further highlights how pathetic and little the Mainstream Media and its social progressive puppeteers are. No potential rock is too small to throw and should further reinforce the need for scrutiny for truth by any who prescribe to Mainstream Media outlets as they still appear to assume that they are above accountability to the truth and yet, they can’t fathom why fewer people trust them with each passing day.


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