Democracy and Constitutional Privileges : Only for the Tolerant


In what is now national news, much of which is twisting it to their own pro-censorship agendas, a shocking and appalling attack on the 1st amendment occurred on the campus of UC Berkeley as violent rioters overran the school in a shameful and disgusting attempt to silence the scheduled appearance of conservative lightning rod Milo Yiannapoulis. The pathetic acts of violence and intimidation that occurred during the riot, instigated by the disgusting “movement” ANTIFA, are becoming emblematic of the result of provocation and manipulation by the established progressive left and its puppets throughout the media world.

Since the election of President Donald J. Trump, the left has grown increasingly emboldened in its attempts to undermine, subdue and destroy both the leader, his supporters and ultimately any political views that are counter to its own. These attacks highlight the desperation of the establishment and should serve as a warning to how despicable and to what extreme lengths those perpetrating these acts are. The progressive liberal movement that gained such ground under the pandering Obama administration has built much of its views around the moral message of tolerance, acceptance and equality. This view was also predicated on a global model, one that would undermine borders and subdue national identities, a model dangerous to the sovereignty of nations that support it. The ultimate irony, one that is being displayed nationally as well as globally, is the hypocrisy behind the progressive agenda.

The attack on UC Berkeley’s campus was reprehensible but, sadly, this is just another example of the double standard of liberal socialism. Tolerance, acceptance and support is only applicable to those who identify with the “movement”. Violence, hate and suppression is meted out for any who oppose the groupthink validated hive mind. This hypocrisy has only grown more blatant and obvious since the closing of polls on November 8th, 2016 and each subsequent action that demonstrates has grown seemingly more appalling.

The disgusting reality that is the progressive model has come to fruition after many years of careful national and global implementation. The millennial generation, one that has become an increasingly larger base of support for progressive liberalism, is demonstrating the effective culmination of liberal progressive indoctrination due to the blatant liberal academia that is the backbone of secondary education in this country. The post election collegiate world demonstrated just how entitled academia has become with events encompassing therapy sessions, cry ins, coloring books and other ludicrous ways to cope with the apparent abject horror faced by the snowflakes everywhere who couldn’t fathom opposing views to theirs being embraced.

We are witnessing the blatant execution of Orwellian thought policing in America.

This is what happens when you spend your formative years learning that anyone who could possibly differ in opinion from your social justice is suddenly a bigot, a racist, a misogynist. Suddenly everyone who holds views different than yours becomes an enemy of the state, which is now the message we are seeing being delivered from the rot that is the Mainstream Media, a blowhard and out of touch celebrity world and ultimately many progressive politicians, all who are trying to justify and incite further actions of violence, intimidation and harassment in a drastic bid to destroy President Trump and squash opposition to their ideology.

We are witnessing the blatant execution of Orwellian thought policing in America. The national narrative and reaction to the incident highlights the dogmatic basis for much of the progressive liberal mindset and is shameless in its accolades for suppression of differing points of view.

Shameless acceptance of encouragement to continue riots
and attacks by none other the dean of UC Berkeley himself.

UC Berkeley historically stood as a beacon for tolerance and freedom of speech and expression for many, priding itself on this model in the academic world, however, its reaction to this event highlights the truth about the progressive idea of tolerance and acceptance. Helping to undermine this view, the mayor of Berkeley was exposed for initially encouraging the silencing of Milo’s “hate speech” but of course quickly backtracked was his tweets came under scrutiny. Or course Arreguin official statement on the incident decries the use of violence but is quick to highlight that the mayor stands with the inclusion of those who align with progressive beliefs while craftily spinning the blame on the “ultra-nationalist far right”. The statement is another blatant example of a dogma that only respects and tolerates the views of those that agree with it while accepting violent action and suppression towards its opponents.

The reactions of former Berkeley alumni and Labor Secretary Robert Reich takes the absurdity of the mainstream narrative even further by alleging that the riots themselves were likely instigated by Breitbart and Milo in an attempt to further validate the editors message. The labels of hate right-winger abound in Reichs desperate attempt to shift blame from the left onto conservatives. Par for the course from liberal progressives.

To further condone the message of violence and intimidation against conservatives, right-wingers and Trump supporters that the media is increasingly attempting to dehumanize we find ignorance and hate being spewed in support of the protestors by many of Hollywood’s elite snowflakes. Judd Apatow, the poor, sad snowflake who is so clearly unable to cope that he, and apparently others in his circle, must resort to “…eating ice cream”, was quick to try and fan the flames and spread the fire. 

Of course all these sentiments are in line with the narrative that has been pushed out by the Mainstream Media since the election last year. We live in a world where it is suddenly acceptable to label everyone who disagrees with you as a Nazi and then approve violence against them. The before mentioned video was captured at a protest that shutdown conservative speaker and show host Gavin McGinnes, who was set to speak at NYU at the behest of the schools Conservative Club. The rabid fanatic filmed claimed to be a professor at the school and further demonstrates that irrational hive mind behavior that is being accepted and pandered nationally.

While there was little national fanfare for the protest at NYU yesterday the Mainstream reaction to the Berkeley protest has been nothing short of complete, shameless misinformation and lying. Rather than address the issue of the violation of the 1st Amendment major outlets are turning the story against the speaker Milo, blaming the reaction on his views and using it as a golden opportunity to further label any who oppose progressive liberalism as a fascist. CNN, rather than report on the facts would prefer to smear Milo and his followers, blaming him for the acceptance of “Hate Speech”. What even is this Hate Speech that liberals seem to accuse anyone who advocates a libertarian or conservative view of using? We are still waiting for that explanation and how it is applicable as a blanket term.

Of course this Mainstream view as well as that of Richard Reichs and other puppets such as The Young Turks shameless attempts to paint the Berkeley protest as an inside job were quickly dismantled last night by a European Twitter user. Pave Darker did some basic internet detective work, an act that he claims took all of fifteen minutes, and uncovered the identity of one of the faceless ANTIFA thugs who foolishly bragged about his involvement on social media. The perpetrator? A UC Berkeley employee that participated in the riot. Of course this will most likely be glossed over and ignored by the Mainstream Media but there is satisfaction in watching swift justice be served to stooges that comprise The Young Turks.

This is radicalization. All who do not adhere to your dogma are the enemy…


As if the bleating narrative thrown at citizens by shoddy news outlets and burned out celebrities wasn’t enough we have to deal with ridiculous exhortations from politicians such as Tim Kaine are actively, albeit subtly, condoning and encouraging these actions, masking them behind exhortations to “fight everywhere” and pushing the revolutionary, last hope for America narrative that drives many of these brainwashed activists. This is however, not a revolution that they are encouraging, but merely domestic terrorism. Approving thuggish and brutish behaviors to silence opposition and suppressing freedom of speech, a constitutional privilege, demonstrates a clear and blatant lack of respect for not only fellow citizens but the laws and rights that exist within this nation. Of course, to institute a successful one party system and ideology, all other thoughts, practices and ideals must be eradicated. It certainly worked out well for Mao, Stalin and Hitler, but wait, President Trump is the fascist worth dethroning here.

What is happening though is that we are witnessing the entire established left as well as many deep rooted Neo-Cons who are all part of the monstrous swamp President Trump threatened to drain rise up and attempt to drive a coup. This goal is what has allowed the absolutely incredible reality that we now find surrounding us and raging nationally. A reality where that it is suddenly acceptable and encouraged to openly discuss assassination attempts against President Trump. Or the the idea of implementing a military coup against the Commander-in-Chief that is apparently a viable, warranted and plausible path for this nation.

Open Calls to a Military Coup are now en vogue

Earlier this week a former official during the Obama administration began raising the call for citizens and able bodied military personnel to rise up and overthrow the President who we all missed becoming dictator. This liberal mouthpiece is unsurprisingly part of The New America, a liberal think tank funded by the ever present George Soros. The same Soros who funds both ANTIFA, the group behind the UC Berkeley riots and, a website responsible for mobilizing and instigating many of the most violent and destructive Black Lives Matter and post election protests.

What we are seeing is the fruits of strategic and subtle radicalization. All who do not adhere to your dogma are the enemy, an enemy to be hunted and suppressed, by whatever increasingly repulsive means are necessary to eradicate any opposition to your perspective. Your best friend becomes the great enemy, your pastor is a traitor, your co-worker is a conspirator. They stop becoming humans with emotions, feelings and families. Suppression of free speech, violence towards any who support a different party, candidate or ideal, intimidation and harassment of those around you to force adherence to your views, all of these tactics are classic hallmarks of Marxist Communism. There can be only one dogma, one party, one class and one belief in this ideology. Violence against Trump supporters is being openly praised and accepted, it is encouraged by the established left and its media lapdogs, all at the behest of their globalist masters.

As President Trumps term wears on through the next four years it is probably safe to assume that ever more pathetic and heinous attacks will become the norm. The establishment and the media will continue to smear Trump and his supporters, narratives will be twisted to protect the progressive body from blame while subtly and, occasionally blatantly, encouraging further attacks on those who don’t align with said views and the stunted little sheeple that bleat along with glee at their master’s behest will be all too happy to continue their pogrom against liberty, the constitution and all who oppose their socialist dogma. The fight against tyranny and global marxism was not concluded nor subdued after the monumental victory by President Trump that was won in November last year. The war is alive and raging, and as evidenced by the past 3 months it is fiercer than ever, and it we cannot simply stand idly by and let the progressive socialists attempt to destroy our Republic. The global elites and the liberal Marxist establishment that they have created is now fighting for survival and they will use every weapon and tactic at their disposal to win this war.

Eternal Student, someone who is trying to navigate this minefield that is life. Constantly questioning and examining the reality we find ourselves in is a full time job but hopefully my musings can help others find light in this world.

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