Deep State Maneuvering Trump into Syrian War


After the news broke yesterday that a gas attack, using banned chemical weapons, was allegedly perpetrated by the Assad led Syrian government against civilians in the rebel held province of Idlib we are now hearing a the drums of war beat full force.

This atrocity comes at a very convenient time for Neo-Cons in the United States government who just this week watched their years long chess game to drag the U.S. into yet another quaqmire, one that has greater ability to force the ultimate outcome coveted by globalists, a confrontation with Russia. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent many in the swamp into a furor when he stated earlier this week that the U.S. had no plans to pursue removal of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad from power, stating that the Syrian people would be the ones who determine the leaders fate. This effectively put an end to a war Washington has openly moved towards during Obama’s second campaign.

Fast forward a few days to the now infamous chemical agent attack on the rebel held town of Khan Sheikhoun. The official story that is being broadcast globally is that the town was struck by weapons containing lethal Sarin gas that could only be delivered via airstrike. This is being pushed to reinforce that the attack could only have been executed by the Syrian Air Force at the behest of Assad. This narrative is convenient because it allows for little wiggle room in order to question the official narrative and allows the Mainstream Media to “debunk” and silence the theory that the attacks were a false flag staged by the Saudi and U.S. funded rebels to force President Trump to change his stance on Assad and push him to action against Assad.

In light of this recent attack one must not forget prototypical Neo-Con John McCain making a clandestine and little advertised solo trip to Syria after President Trumps inauguration, ostensibly to discuss how to continue the war against ISIS. It may be more likely that these conversations may have revolved around options and avenues the Neo-Con supported rebels could take to overthrow Assad and ensure the regime changes that the Deep State covets so much in its proxy war of territory with Russia. The trip makes us wonder what exactly was detailed and discussed by the openly globalist Senator and what one of the premier leaders of swamp dwelling Deep State promised in order to ensure continued U.S. meddling in Syria.

Now much of the previous company line from the Trump administration is being altered, reversed or abandoned all together as the President seems keen on sidelining his previously stated desire to work with Russia to eliminate ISIS forces from Syria and is instead now keen on pursuing the removal of Assad much like his globalist, Neo-Con predecessor. This is being lauded by such Deep State cancers as Senators Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and the ever present McCain. That alone should be enough to set the warning sirens blaring.

The coincidence of all this is too convenient to ignore is light of all we know about the Deep State and how it can utilize covert false flags to manipulate global events and actions. Dr. Ron Paul first spoke out about this and was confident in his assessment that we must take this newest atrocity with a grain of salt so to speak and ensure we are not being sucked into another globalist orchestrated war by manipulation.

There is also questionable evidence being hidden and silenced around the web that leads us to further speculate on the pre-planning and execution surrounding the attack itself. From the perfectly timed delivery of gas masks and protective equipment that reached a key hospital in the afflicted province :

Then there is the dubious presence of the “White Hats” organization, an alleged humanitarian team that has links to globalist mastermind George Soros as well as the terrorist organization Al-Queda. The White Hats have come under repeated fire for their actions, including facing accusations of staged rescues.

Like the above mentioned doctor the group received chemical suits that are proofed against Sarin gas last month.

Of course it would seem that these White Hat workers are suddenly immune to Sarin gas as they didn’t need gloves or suits to rescue the afflicted. That in itself is absurd as they would have had direct contact with the active agent and been contaminated, facing the same effects as the victims of the attack.

Aid workers assist victims of alleged Sarin gas attack without the use of gloves to prevent contamination.

Then there is the question of where the chemicals came from if we are to believe that, as according the former Secretary of State John Kerry, the last confirmed chemical weapons in Assad’s arsenal were removed in 2014. We do know however that the Syrian rebels who would directly benefit more than any other party involved were given access to Sarin nerve gas by none other than the benevolent Hillary Clinton.


Considering there is much circumstantial evidence, that is ultimately weak in its conviction that Syria perpetrated the chemical gas attacks in 2014, this attack makes the previous allegations even more doubtful in the validity.

President Assad, whose forces have made significant gains in the ongoing war and who enjoyed immense support from Syrian voters when he was elected, stands to gain nothing by gassing a civilian population with weapons he is prohibited from having. Especially in light of Secretary of State Tillerson’s comments that the United States would not be pursuing his removal. It simply does not add up that he would perform this air strike and willingly bring about a possible attack from the U.N. and United States.

This situation reeks of Deep State manipulation and a resulting false flag and President Trump will do well to avoid being forced into a war that was planned by a predecessor who no doubt expected to pass the torch to Hilary Clinton in January.

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