Congressional Hearing Starring FBI Director James Comey Devolves Into Deep State Shill Echo Chamber


Today heralded the highly anticipated appearance of current FBI Director James Director for questioning before theĀ The House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the fast failing Russian-Trump connection conspiracy theory. No doubt many progressive puppets and shills have excited counted down to this event hoping for bombshell news that would salvage the broken logic behind a theory used to self medicate the psychological trauma suffered by snowflakes the world wide that was induced by the monumental victory of President Donald J. Trump in Novembers elections.

Unfortunately for them, that didn’t happen. Instead the hearing confirmed that Russia, if it even did hack the United States polling sites on the eve of November 8th, did not tamper with or alter the vote tallies. That is the perhaps the most vital piece of information that surfaced from this hours long session of congress that seemingly served as a platform for Deep State operatives and globalist shills to hear themselves speak.

One must not overlook the bombshell of enlightenment that was the revelation of Russian President Vladimir Putin being identified as a “Tarantula in a web”. That is important lest we be caught unawares by the hybrid human-arachnid army that Russia will no doubt loose upon a vulnerable United States under the weak leadership of a President who is clearly a Russian agent due to his refusal to drag us into a nuclear tipped World War 3 with the purely and wholly evil Russkies.

Laughable, I know, but much of the diatribe that emanated from king shill, Rep. Schiff and his allies today centered around this logic. President Trumps inaction against the nefarious Russian Empire is evidence of his guilt of collusion with the eastern superpower.

As we mentioned last night after Rep. Nunes stated he has seen no evidence of Russian collusion, today would most likely allow a glimpse into the new tactics of delegitimizing a President who was vindicated this past week of his, non-existent, Russian connections and his, again non-existent, tax fraud. What we see is grown men and women who the public approved as worthy of leading this nation accost Director Comey with various rants that can be summed up as “Muh Russia”. It would seem that the establishment is far more obsessed with Vladimir Putin than the acting President they are accusing of being in bed with the Russian leader.

No, the hearing devolved into a strange therapy session that seems to show that articles from The Washington Post and tweets from known agitator Roger Stone are perfect bodies of evidence from which to validate baseless accusations against the POTUS. This blatant reinforcement of the government propaganda that is Jeff Bezos political rag rings more of an attempt to force skeptics to accept this contrived narrative against President Trump that is blasted by the failing Mainstream Media when the increasingly noticeable lack of evidence to support these wild claims undermines the case, though we did get to see the resurfacing of the bogus “Golden Showers” dossier provided by Christopher Steele and funded by John “everyone works for Putin” McCain earlier this year.

This in a nutshell seems to be the blueprint for what we will no doubt continue to be forced to swallow in the coming weeks, months, and judging by the snails pace that congress often moves, perhaps years, as fact by an unhinged establishment that tries to subvert and destroy the acting President with baseless slander. The lack of evidence will be covered up by the fact that they will continue a broken investigation, because as long as the investigation continues shills and puppets will be able to claim that some validity behind these claims must exist since it cannot be definitively closed. This will allow every action by President Trump to be scrutinized and will allow for the Warhawks and Neo-Con puppets to for continued status quo as painting the Russia as the great enemy that must ultimately be dealt with, by whichever administration they can force into conflict with Russia.

Besides this inevitable deluge of mental gymnastics that will force its way into our minds via the internet, T.V. and radio will the be fact that many liberal, progressive echo boxes such as MSNBC and CNN are chalking today up as a win for the anti-Trump establishment.

The Logic?

A section of the hearing wherein Comey confirms that there is indeed a probe ongoing into whether or not President Trump and his administration colluded with Russia. Yeah, I don’t see the checkmate either but sheeple around the country seem to. Really though, all the statement did was allow a mental back flip for regressive’s to say that, as mentioned earlier, since there is an investigation then something surely happened.

What happened was that Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was soundly rejected by a nation that refused to accept her lies and saw through the smoke and mirrors to the reality that was an extremely dangerous individual who is unqualified to be President of the United States. This is a sour pill to the millennials, social justice warriors, sheeple, shills and puppets to swallow, something they refuse to do 5 months after their ideological golden queen lost the election. Now, in a court where rag papers and social media count as evidence, we are seeing a narrative being built where the election was lost due to the Podesta / Clinton email scandal, which is Russia’s fault, not the fault of a criminal candidate who a voting majority deemed unfit to lead.

Ultimately, today was pointless and reflective of the cancer that prevents any kind of success or progress in this country. This is the swamp at work, the Deep State is running at full speed and efficiency right now, likely due to the fact that it feels the presence of real threat to its existence and as such will fight with every ounce of its being. This quagmire will continue along, trying its best to preserve itself while attempting to drown all who fight to drain it.

Settle in because it looks like this Russian narrative still has a lot of life left in it.



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