Congress (finally) Requests Probe into George Soros


The pro globalist, billionaire puppet master, who also sees himself as some kind of God, George Soros may finally be investigated by a congressional committee. The Hungarian born elite has routinely meddled in politics, both globally and in the United States, in order to push his “open societies” views and attempt to force his vision for a global, one world government and society into existence.

Letter from Congress requesting a formal investigation into George Soros activities.

For those unfamiliar with the name Soros you can read a better synopsis that we wrote last month here while I will try to give a brief synopsis of the mans business ventures below.

The billionaire has his hands in varying activist groups and non-profits, most of which are funded through his Open Societies Foundation. Some of the larger trouble makers include Move On, the group that has orchestrated many of the Anti-Trump protests as well as many of the violent Black Lives Matter riots that rocked the country the past few years. OSF has actually openly directly funded Black Lives Matter groups, including the group in Ferguson, Missouri. Other groups the globalist is involved in include Media Matters and ProPublica, both progressive globalist media outlets whose mission centers around smearing and delegitimizing any media group, politician, journalist or individual that speaks counter to the Soros approved narratives. Media Matters seized upon the “Fake News” epidemic in an attempt, rather unsuccessfully, to silence many in the alternative media. Soros also heavily donates to NPR, CAIR and other various pro Islam fronts, CNN, The Clinton Foundation and has given private donations to multiple politicians and judges that are placed inside this countries political power sphere. There is no coincidence that some of the GOP’s loudest Trump critics, John McCain, Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham, received funding from Soros.

Some house hold names that have received Soros funding.

Soros is also perhaps the biggest and loudest proponent of the continuation of the refugee crises that he helped engineer and thrust upon Europe. The immigrant flood has been one of the master manipulators greatest weapons against national identity and sovereignty and he is vehemently opposed to any who would attempt to counter it.

Even Soros’ native Hungary is vocally opposed to his agenda. The Prime Ministor Viktor Orban, once a sort of protege of the investment tycoon, has spent much effort of late warning against and attempting to bring light to George Soros and his agendas. Orban, a vocal proponent of populism and opponent to the refugee crises, has called for a crack down on the Non-Political Organizations (NGO’s) that Soros uses to further achieve his goals.

The fact is that an investigation into and halt to George Soros overt manipulations and machinations in the countries affairs is long overdue and helps lend validity to President Trump’s claims that he will drain the swamp. George Soros represents the archetypal globalist elite and his money and desires permeate the swamp that has become so incredibly rotten over the decades in Washington. Of course, many of the swamp monsters in D.C. may well do their best to squash any actions against Soros but this is a major step in the right direction and will help to draw light onto the man and his global agenda that is poison to the sovereignty and identity of the United States.

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