CNN Fake News Extravaganza


James O’Keefe, President of Project Veritas, the group that famously exposed voter fraud in NYC as well as plans for a raid on the “Deploraball” by the group Disrupt J20 that led to the arrest of plotter Scott Charney, released 119 hours of undercover, backstage recordings captured from CNN today. The release is part of the sites war on Fake News and part of what they are calling the “CNN leaks”. The tapes contain hundreds of hours of soundbites that were recorded and made accessible by an anonymous source dubbed, Miss X.

The releases come at a time when CNN has found itself the poster child for Fake News, taking the brunt of the criticism about the Mainstream Media from President Trump and his administration as well as becoming a lightening rod for the attacks from multiple outlets, both mainstream and alternative in nature. CNN has been continuously blasted for it’s failing ratings by the President on Twitter and it would seem that based on recent polls from Rasmussen, CNN is indeed one of the least trusted mainstream outlets.

Below are videos posted to O’Keefe’s Twitter page that show a couple of noteworthy highlights gleaned from the audio. One highlights the use of dishonest polling data and the other exposes the clear bias of CNN.

Highlights from the audio include the exposure of willful reporting of inaccurate polling numbers and a golden quote from CNN Vice President Richard Griffiths who claims that it is a journalists job to “…afflict the comfortable,”.

To seize upon the momentum that is currently striking against the corruption and biased lies of the mainstream media, O’Keefe has offered a $10,000 reward to any who can provide more “legally obtained materials exposing media malfeasance.”

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