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Turkish President Erdogan, Europe’s New Problem

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is fast becoming a persistent thorn in Europe’s side. We noted earlier this week the spat that the fiery President engaged in with Holland in regards to the its, and several other European nations, moves to disrupt rallies held in regards to the upcoming Turkish referendum vote. Moves that included the forceful removal of Turkish diplomats that were viewed as agitators for the burgeoning Turkish population of Europe, a demographic that… … Keep Reading

The Real cost of the European Migrant Crises

On Saturday, February 18th, President Trump made comments referring to the refugee crises in Europe, namely using Sweden as his example. He was immediately met with a hurricane of attacks, insults and smears from the establishment, the media and multitudes of self-important figures around the World. The assault was a counterattack by globalist puppets who are quick to initiate damage control and protect their open border views for society. If the reality of what faces… … Keep Reading

Who is George Soros?

  Who is George Soros anyways? Many who are following current events, especially those who use the ever more faulty Mainstream Media, may only know the name in passing if at all. Yet, the Hungarian born super billionaire investment magnate has his fingers in almost every aspect of the prominent issues that plague not only our nation but the world as a whole. If there were an archetype character for the globalist elites, it would… … Keep Reading

Hand-to-Hand Combat & Safe Spaces: The Progressive Left Goes to War With The President and America

First there were safespaces, designated anti-free speech areas on college campuses created to protect the fragile feelings of students with illogical belief systems from opinions and ideas that might offend them, but that’s fast becoming history and now this same crowd has begun “self defense” classes open to everyone…except Republicans, Campus Reform reports:   The “Knights for Socialism” group at the University of Central Florida (UCF) held a workshop Sunday to teach left-wing students how… … Keep Reading

Democracy and Constitutional Privileges : Only for the Tolerant

In what is now national news, much of which is twisting it to their own pro-censorship agendas, a shocking and appalling attack on the 1st amendment occurred on the campus of UC Berkeley as violent rioters overran the school in a shameful and disgusting attempt to silence the scheduled appearance of conservative lightning rod Milo Yiannapoulis. The pathetic acts of violence and intimidation that occurred during the riot, instigated by the disgusting “movement” ANTIFA, are… … Keep Reading


Night of The Living Dead at Berkley: Why The New Weaponized Zombies are Scarier than Fiction

When I first saw images of Berkeley taken from helicopters, the first thought I had was “Wow, this looks like some kind of horror movie.”   A hoard of figures in black swarmed through barricades hurling smoke bombs, fireworks and rocks at the school and the police officers who were (supposed to be) providing security for the Milo Yiannopoulos Free Speech event. The rioters looked like zombies, and indeed, many of them for all intents… … Keep Reading

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