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Breaking : Tolerant Islamists Detonate Bomb in Russian Metro Car

Reports coming from St. Petersburg, Russia, this morning indicate that a terror attack was perpetrated in a metro station in the populous city. В Петербурге на станции "Технологический институт" произошёл взрыв в вагоне метро. pic.twitter.com/vx3PoLbCgJ — Лентач (@the_lentach) April 3, 2017   Russian officials are stating that a nail bomb was detonated inside one of a metro trains after an unknown man threw a backpack containing the bomb into the densely packed metro car.  Current… … Keep Reading

Breaking : Terror Attack In London, 4 Dead, Multiple Injuries

In what appears to be another shameful display from the tolerant Islamist a terrorist has killed 4 and injured multiple civilians and police officers in London this morning. London terror attack witness video: People flee as shots are fired at #Westminster pic.twitter.com/ocl3fCsTf7 — The Telegraph (@Telegraph) March 22, 2017 The attacker was shot by police officers in London after he breached the gates of Parliament and made it a mere 40 yards from United Kingdom… … Keep Reading

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