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It's really not as pleasant as it seems

Islamaphobia Media Smear Campaign Ramps Up

In the wake of last weeks now infamous travel ban, the Mainstream Media has engaged in a full blown assault on not only President Trump, who receives criticism for seemingly every possible action, but now on the lightning rod that is his Chief Strategist, Advisor and now member of the National Security Council, Stephen Bannon. Bannon came to fame as the man beside the website Breitbart, whom he ran beside the late Andrew Breitbart. His… … Keep Reading

The Convenient Double Standard of Voter Fraud

It would seem that President Trump will not be backing down from his claims of losing the popular vote in November due to the voter fraud he claims allowed millions of illegal citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton, thus giving her nearly 3 million more votes than her opponent.   Voter fraud was of course a hot topic leading up to the election day showdown between the two presidential candidates, a subject that President Trump… … Keep Reading

MAGA : Trump cracks down on Illegals and Refugees

Following through on yet another of his notorious promises made on the campaign trail, President Trump signed Executive Orders into existence on Wednesday that will place a temporary halt on Visas being issued to citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Libya. All the nations being targeted have links to or house very active terrorist cells. While many in the Mainstream will decry this as yet another sign of a fascist cabinet, this… … Keep Reading

MAGA : TPP is Dead

In one of his very first acts as the acting 45th President, Donald Trump flexed his executive muscles and shattered the Trans Pacific Partnership with one fell swoop of his writing hand. The blockbuster trade agreement has come to be viewed as one of Obama’s signature deals, viewed in prowess next to the soon to be defunct Affordable Care Act. The TPP has been met with much vocal opposition from many in the liberty camp… … Keep Reading

The Trump Hunt Continues

[maxbutton id=”3″ ] [maxbutton id=”4″ ] As concrete evidence about Russian hacking in the 2016 Presidential Election continues to seem more like an obsessive dream rather than reality for many in opposition to President Elect Trump, the prevalence of daily smear jobs on the president-to-be is ramping up. After the CIA told the American public, in not so many words, that they didn’t need to see the evidence supporting the now infamous allegations about Russian… … Keep Reading


Countering Disinformation and Propaganda in the Post 2016 Election World

What is the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” hidden inside the 2017 incarnation of the NDAA that was quietly swept through the Senate and what unlawful powers does it now grant the Government? The NDAA has been a problem for liberty minded citizens when it was originally introduced in 2012 as it allowed for the controversial “Indefinite Detainment” for any alleged Terrorist without pretense while forgoing the traditional judicial process of obtaining warrants for searching… … Keep Reading

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