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Guerrilla warfare against the State Media

Progressive Censorship Continues to Erode Free Speech


Although we are living in a nation led by a Trump administration the progressive Marxist war of free speech is seemingly finding new ways to continue its attacks on differing opinions and topics that clash with the social justice narrative.

It was revealed yesterday that tech giant Google, arguably the gatekeeper to the internet for millions who may not understand how to use alternative search engines and outlets, has stated its intent to begin flagging what it considers “offensive” content. This discovery came about from an article on searchengineland.com that was published after it investigated the practice of using human “data raters” to determine best practices that will allow for better search engine algorithms.

The article states claims made by Google explain that although the data raters feedback is certainly reviewed and used to improve efficiency, it is slow process that does not yield an immediate impact on what is displayed to users who search on the page. Examples displayed in the article are carefully used in the extreme to try and validate the necessity to edit search results to yield safer and more productive queries. This should be yet another red flag for those fighting against censorship, especially on the web.

Google is no stranger to internet censorship, especially at the behest of the progressive elites. In January the tech giant moved to permanently ban over 200 different news sites that it designated as “fake news”  from using its AdSense platform. A move clearly designed with aim of crippling the revenue and funding for these sites and attempt to shutdown the sites through lack of income. Perhaps the most noteworthy site to be banned was that of Infowars, the alternative media giant created by Alex Jones. The company was also linked to a push to crackdown on “fake news” in France through a partnership with Facebook. The need to control the flow of information regarding the migrant crises and crimes associated with refugees is no doubt critical in France to allow for the epidemic to continue unimpeded. Google was also implicated in a similar partnership in the United States, but was also linked to the George Soros funded Media Matters, a progressive “watch dog” group that focuses on silencing views that are alternative or counter to the progressive social narrative. The partnership, as implied by the report, is what helped lead to the banning of news sites deemed dangerous by Media Matters.

Of course, the irony that accompanies this news is the revelation that Google has taken no steps to silence videos on its media juggernaut, Youtube, that contain blatant Anti-Semitism, a move some in the U.K. accuse of bringing a profit margin to the company.

The risk posed by this move to censorship can not be overstated though. With a company that owns the vast majority of the smart phone market, the largest online video platform available in Youtube and various under online platforms through is meta company Alphabet comes the ability to severally restrict the flow of information.

This news comes on the heels of news reported by Zerohedge that clearly shows moves being taken by New York Assemblymen David I. Weprin to introduce a bill that is clearly aimed at restricting the 1st Amendment and allow provisions for the government to censor free speech based on what it approves and allowing for the forced removal of content, in literature or in any other form of media available online, that is deemed dangerous or offensive. This is a blatant move to enforce thought policing and allow only narratives approved by those in power to reach the public. We brought light to the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act”  that was placed into the 2016 update of the NDAA, signed by Obama as a parting gift to his progressive globalist partners.

The bill is shocking in its complete and blatant disregard for this nations constitutional right to the freedom of free speech. The bill will now doubt find plenty of progressive and Deep State Neo-Con traitors to support it and its journey. Even if the bill fails to pass the fact that it is an actual possibility should reflect the growing threat posed to Constitutional Rights still posed today by the progressive globalist cabal and their political shills.

As the increasingly irrelevant Mainstream Media continues its war on public perception and attempts to control official narratives approved by the State, these moves to restrict accessibility to alternative news outlets and control free speech should be of major public concern. These moves represent measures and fail safes being implemented by organizations and politicians to ensure that a Deep State and progressive globalist narrative continues to reach the masses. This is no doubt even more vital to the success of progressive globalist agendas during an administration that has no problem confronting the lies of the media and circumventing traditional press releases to deliver its message to the American people.

Wikileaks Julian Assange Warns of Deep State Coup led by Clinton


Yesterday evening Wikileaks founder Julien Assange posted 3 tweets detailing revelations regarding a Clinton led Deep State coup being plotted against President Trump. The allegations are shocking but, in light of how shocking the details regarding the CIA released via the Vault 7 dump last week, the potential validity should not be too surprising for serious observers. Below are the initial tweets sent out by Assange.



If these tweets carry credence, something that much of what Assange speaks lends itself too as the famed Whistle Blower has never made a habit out of blasting baseless accusations on social media before, then the belief behind the Deep State moving against a threat to its existence, i.e. President Trump, is suddenly a very real issue. Vice President Mike Pence was quick to dismiss the allegations, but the first tweet indicates that Clinton views Pence as a weak opponent which would lead one to believe that even if he were not a willing pawn, he could still very well be a useful pawn in the eyes of Clinton.

Political coups are nothing new in the United States, from one of the earliest examples being the “Business Plot” exposed by Marine Corp General Smedley Butler to the JFK assassination there is precedent for politically motivated coups. Of course, one need only look at General Michael Flynn, who was clearly the target of a political assassination led by the Deep State and its establishment shills who are eager to ensure the survival of the engineered enmity between Russia and the U.S.

It is not too hard to fathom how this could be played out, or at least attempted. The one recurring theme since November 8th has been an all out, non-stop campaign to undermine and delegitimize President Trump, even before he was sworn into office. This week thankfully led to the end of one of the louder drums that has been beaten ad nauseum by the Mainstream, that of President Trumps Tax Returns. The deflation of the “Trump Tax Scandal” has helped to expose the lies perpetrated by the establishment against the current POTUS and, by extension, added validity to evidence of a controlled narrative being used to dethrone the current leader.

Much of the narrative will now undoubtedly shift back to the “Russian hacking” conspiracy that is being thrust upon us by an establishment who refuses to back down and cooperate with a President that it must now recognize as a threat. Of course, this will probably revolve around the upcoming testimony by FBI Director James Comey, who has yet to give his full support to the allegations, before congress. Then there was the recent attempt to force the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the latest target of a Deep State that had no doubt been emboldened by their victory against General Flynn.

Pieces of the puzzle are slowly becoming clearer for those who are willing to step back and view the greater story that is unfolding. The startling exposure of CIA hacking capabilities last week by Wikileaks revealed a massive stockpile of foreign cyber weapons the CIA has stolen and stored for a rainy day dubbed UMBRAGE. These programs can be used by the CIA to conceivably plant False Flag cyber attacks and attribute them to foreign powers and governments. This would be awfully convenient to allow for some sort of Russian “fingerprint” to be left for the vigilant, justice minded investigations into the alleged election tampering being led by Congress. Breitbart exposed the committee for only interviewing technical experts from Crowdstrike, a tech firm employed by the DNC.

The idea of impeachment has been bandied about for sometime now, being used endlessly on social media and certain Mainstream media sites no doubt in an attempt to help make the idea more palatable and acceptable to an increasingly skeptical public. Although the “Russian Dossier” that was supposedly released by an out of work former British spy has been quickly swept under the rug as its validity was increasingly scrutinized and found to be questionable at best, the Deep State and the establishment will not let the subject die. Neo-Con Warhawk John McCain went on the record last week with the bold statement that there “are lots of shoes to drop” yet regarding the alleged Russian connections. He of course quickly stated that he does not believe anyone is guilty until proven so, but he accomplished his goal of bringing the topic back to the public limelight.

There is also another possible reason for the continued rhetoric that is not often spoken of. For as long as this drivel continues to spew forth from the establishment and its shills, President Trump will be forced to tread carefully in his dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Anything too overtly friendly, say a sudden easing of the sanctions placed against the nation in retaliation for its “aggressive” seizure of Crimea, would allow for the sheeple to bleat on about how any positive action towards Russian relations is President Trumps gift for Russia hacking him into office as their own, absurd, Manchurian Candidate. This of course allows for the saber rattling to continue at the behest of the Deep State Ne0-Cons and its globalist masters and forces the U.S. to stay locked into a course of frigid relations with its eastern neighbor. That is a win for an establishment who eliminated President Trumps first National Security Adviser, a man who carried an unpopular opinion in Washington that called for better relations with Russia.

Ultimately, the Russian-Trump “connection” will inevitably continue for quite sometime into the foreseeable future but these allegations by Assange would encourage the public to stay alert and awake to what the congressional investigation claims to yield and listen for the word impeachment because a coup of this potential magnitude by Americas Deep State has not been seen since the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Trump Tax Leak Vindicates President while Embarrassing Opponents


Last night Snowflake paragon Rachel Maddow tauntingly dangled the release of illegally leaked tax returns belonging to President Trump…from 2005.


Copies of Trump Tax Returns, as tweeted by The Hill reporter Sahil Kapur.

In what is a fantastic implosion resulting from idiocy and hysteria, the MSNBC anchor bravely thought to blow the whistle on the President and expose him for tax evasion or fraud but only ended up vindicating the current Commander-in-Chief. The documents reveal that the President paid a total of $38 million in taxes on a gross reporting of $150 million. This total amounts to a tax rate of around 34%.

To put that into perspective, the former POTUS paid a rate of 18% last year and socialist blowhard Bernie Sanders only shared 13% of his wealth with his fellow comrades through taxes. That last nugget of information may be perhaps the sweetest moment to savor out of what is essentially a non-story considering that good ol’ Bernie beat that drum hard during the Presidential campaign leading up to the Election. I suppose what’s Bernie’s is Bernie’s but what’s ours is his and his supporters. Let us also take a moment to remember the smear by Clinton during the second presidential debate that has now been proven a lie.



This “story” has gloriously exploded in the ever needy for relevance Maddow’s face and has even forced her compatriots in the Mainstream to acknowledge that the host created a sensation for nothing but fizzle and the loss of one of the “oppositions” louder war drums they can no longer beat to help stir and foster “resistance” and hysteria to the current POTUS.

It is quite an irony that due to one anchor’s inability to use logic and math the liberal media has now lost some of its bite in attacking President Trump. Good job Rachel Maddow, you actually did something useful for what is perhaps the first time in your career.

Lost Feeds Continue to Plague Fake News CNN


During President Trumps “Obamacare Victims Meeting” that the POTUS held yesterday at the White House, the increasingly pathetic CNN yet again lost its feed that was covering the meeting. This was conveniently timed after a cattle rancher spoke of facing the loss of her business due to the the crushing costs of Obamacare. This model of cutting feeds on those who deliver facts or opinions counter to the Liberal Progressive mindset of a news network that reveres their beloved paragons of Leftism, Obama and the Clintons, is becoming to routine to be mere coincidence. I mean, I suppose they could regularly face technical errors and difficulties but it would be hard to see how a multi-billion dollar media firm is unable to solve issues that most other Mainstream outlets simply do not wrestle with on a weekly basis.

The meeting allowed for various citizens to air their grievances over the astronomical premiums associated for many who apply for Obamacare and do not fall into the tiny “sweet spot” based on income brackets that allow for manageable rates. These complaints obviously throw accusations and shade on a program that is still the crowning achievement of Obama, something CNN certainly does not appreciate.

One might also humor themselves with this Youtube compilation of some of CNN’s better narrative manipulations during the Presidential Campaign last year.


Big Brother CIA exposed by Latest Wikileaks Release


In what should be well known news, regardless of the Mainstreams attempt to silence and distort fact, Wikileaks has released the first round of documents in its much hyped Vault 7 CIA releases, comprising what it calls “the tip of the iceberg”. The magnitude of what has been released is comparable to the bombshells released on the NSA’s spying and monitering programs that whistle-blower Edward Snowden bravely leaked several years ago.

What has been revealed is a Central Intelligence Agency that is a near autonomous and all powerful monster that was left unchained and pumped full of money and resources behind the curtains of the Obama administration. The problems of the CIA, its dangers to American liberty and government as well as its clear dangers to governments and peoples around the world has been a heated point of debate for decades, essentially since its fingerprints were all over the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the first American president to defiantly go to war with the agency, and the questionably suspect Warren Commission that was specially crafted and manipulated to “investigate” the murder. President Truman, the POTUS who allowed the creation of this monstrosity, spent his later years lamenting his allowance for its birth and decrying the entities existence.

Wikileaks continues its war against oppression, tyranny and deceit with this latest bombshell and, almost tauntingly, states that these 8,761 pages of documentation represent 1% of what information they currently have lined up for release in regards to the CIA and the Vault 7 project.

Below is a brief summary of the highlights from the March 6th initial data dump from Wikileaks :

Zero Day Exploits Hoarded : Counter to the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, a commitment from the Obama administration that any vulnerabilities discovered by intelligence agencies would be disclosed to manufacturers, the CIA hoarded hundreds of exploits that allowed to them to infect a multitude of Windows, Android and Iphone devices with monitoring software.

“Weeping Angel” Malware : This program was developed in a collaboration between the CIA and the United Kingdom’s MI5 and allows for the infection of certain Samsung smart TVs. The program allows users to operate in a “Fake Off” setting that records audio and transmits it to the intelligence agency.

Vehicular Infection for Silent Assassinations :  Documents reveal projects that could allow for infection of automobiles which would in turn allow the operator to disable certain functions such as brakes or take control of acceleration or steering controls in order to perform nearly undetectable murders.

Malware that can Infect Windows, Linux and Apple OSx  and Routers: With thousands of programs developed and stockpiled, the CIA is able to infect millions of devices worldwide through the use of “automated multi-platform malware attack and control systems”. These include viruses that can “Air Jump” from static media such as CD’s and DVD’s, “Hammer Drill”,  as well as USB drives.

CIA Hacker Base situated in the German Consulate in Frankfurt : The startling exposure of an deeply situated CIA base for hacking and covert intelligence operations is perhaps one of the most notable nuggets of intel released. Documents show the ease with which this operation has been conducted and reveals the scope and reach of the CIA’s espionage operations while bringing into question its motives and what meddling and interference has been delivered to Europe and the Middle East from this base.



Project Umbrage : This topic may have some of the most pertinent relevance to the current political drama involving President Trump and Russia that currently surrounds Washington. This project is what essentially amounts to thousands of stockpiled cyber weapons that the CIA has stolen from foreign governments and is able to use in order to perform cyber attacks that could then be used to plant “fingerprints” that would lead the victims to attribute the attack not to the CIA but to the country who the agency decides to blame. This is one of the most dangerous revelations in the leak as it allows for a multitude of “False Flag” attacks to be used to manipulate public and government perspectives, both nationally and globally, in order to engineer conflicts and confrontations. Anyone familiar with Operation Northwoods, an attempt by the CIA to engineer a False Flag attack that would permit public acceptance of an invasion of Cuba in 1962 which was vehemently rejected by President Kennedy, will appreciate the gravity of UBRAGE’s revelation. Of course, this could also explain how the CIA could conceivably be the perpetrators of the alleged Russian hacking. This could also explain why the bureaucrats in Washington and the intelligence agencies refuse to release any “evidence” to the public.

Cyber Weapon Proliferation : The most distressing discovery made from this data dump may well be the fact that the CIA has lost control over many of its exploits and weapons through employee and contractor ex-filtration of programs. Many of these programs are now roaming freely and can be used by their owners to accomplish damaging attacks and perform invasive spying.

Also of note below is a periscope interview conducted by Assange after the release that was delivered via Twitter :

Of course much of this has been ignored by many in the Mainstream Media as establishment shills and puppets attempt to institute damage control and distract the public attention. Much of the narrative now being directed at Wikileaks and Julien Assange center around the organizations criminality and how dangerous its desire for truth apparently is. Many politicians are renewing their call for the silencing of Assange and the destruction of Wikileaks, with Vice President Pence being the most notable of these men calling for the detainment and prosecution of Assange. Which is slightly curious considering that the evidence released in the exposure of UMBRAGE could potentially expose the CIA for planting a False Flag with the Russian hacking narrative and provide relief from the constant accusations that the administration he is Vice President of faces daily. Wikileaks has proved to be an inconvenient bastion of truth and a major outlet for whistleblowers who continue to lead the fight for liberty and freedom through transparency and truth.

This is obviously counter productive to the Deep State and the globalist elites who desire to pull strings and control the populations they are over. This latest strike against them by Wikileaks has revealed a near autonomous and all powerful Intelligence Agency, one that has been empowered beyond what is safe or logical and is clearly capable of directly influencing and control the path and direction of American politics and the actions of the nations government.



Attack on Sessions: Main Stream Media and Establishment Politicians Move to Dethrone Trump by Politically Assassinating his Cabinet


A mere few weeks removed from the “scandal” that culminated in the political assassination of retired Gen. Michael Flynn from the role as National Security Advisor, a move that allowed the establishment to plant another Deep State, Neo-Con Gen McMaster’s on President Trump’s cabinet, we now see the wheels again turning as the fetid swamp monsters set their sites on A.G. Session’s.

Establishment shills, both Democrat and Republican, are rallying around a Washington Post article published last night that alleges the new Attorney General lied under oath regarding his contacts with Russia before President Trump’s inauguration. These voices include the usual suspects of Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as well as several notable Republicans playing the noble long con such as Lindsey Graham, all of whom are now demanding the immediate resignation like a squawking gaggle of mindless puppets in much the same way they did when forcing the same outcome onto Michael Flynn.

They are of course being backed up by the ever present George Soros, whose funded group moveon.org has assembled protesters demanding the same thing outside of the DOJ.

The allegations center around exchanges between Sessions and Democrats Al Franken and Patrick Leahy but, as pointed out in this zerohedge article, the premise of the article spawned by establishment media puppet WaPo is based on semantics and the twisting of words and by extension, public perception. The article tries to paint a picture that portrays a defiant Session’s lying about his two unreported meetings with Russian Ambassador Segey Kislyak that occurred prior to the election, one which occurred in July and another in October.

The reality of the situation is to be found by parsing the questions asked and the context in which they were asked. Session’s had been asked if he had “…been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election, either before or after election day?”, to which he replied “No”. His personal statement that he ““never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign.” reflects this as he and his camp maintain that his meetings were not centered around the election, hence his denials.

Rather than allowing truth and facts to prevail, the establishment is instead using its age old tactic of misrepresented information to be validated by an echo chamber of group think and media manipulation in order to try and politically assassinate yet another member of President Trump’s administration, one who will be in a position to control flow of information emanating from the FBI regarding any “Russian Ties” allegations. A position that if used wisely by the new President, will allow the administration to quash what seems to be the establishments primary weapon on the road to de-legitimize and, possibly, impeach a President who preaches a desire to drain the swamp and give power back to the nations citizens.

After capitulating rather quickly to the establishment attacks mounted against Michael Flynn, President Trump now faces a critical juncture in his early tenure in office. By surrendering yet another piece from the chess board he will only further embolden an enemy that sensed a great victory won by eliminating General Flynn and will allow further credence to be added to the Russian narrative that has until this week slowly lost steam and public support. Trump has voiced his “total confidence” in Sessions today while the Kremlin has denied yet another smear job, pointing at the deep states desire to continue fomenting its “Russophobia” and anti-Russian hysteria.

Of further note, a coincidence too good to be true, is an article published in the New York Times that alleges that a brave Obama with the gift of foresight has hidden documents and smoking guns detailing President Trump’s ties to Russia. All this after reports of Obama joining his partner in crime, literally, Eric Holder in a renewed role leading the opposition to President Trump, one that seemingly has the end goal of impeachment.

Ultimately, whether Sessions resigns or defiantly remains in his new role as Attorney General, the Russian narrative that is still being used in a last ditch attempt to derail President Trumps Presidency will continue for the time being. The second coming of Obama, spearheading the opposition and the open revolt of known deep state Neo-Cons such as Graham and John McCain who are clamoring for a hand-picked special investigation committee into the still baseless Russian allegations will in all likelihood persist throughout the Presidents tenure.

Pressure is already being mounted against current FBI Director James Comey, who is being accused of withholding “crucial information” from congress. California Representative Adam Schiff is leading these claims. Noise is also being raised that is implying that Comey is being directed by Sessions as to what should and should not be disclosed and is being counseled to be uncooperative on the subject.

But, rather than work on improving the nation for it’s citizens, the establishment would rather continue it’s vain witch hunt for information that can console a party still unable to accept it’s November defeat while simultaneously continuing it’s desire to drag the U.S. into a confrontation with its increasingly smeared and vilified eastern neighbor.


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