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Guerrilla warfare against the State Media

Deep State Maneuvering Trump into Syrian War


After the news broke yesterday that a gas attack, using banned chemical weapons, was allegedly perpetrated by the Assad led Syrian government against civilians in the rebel held province of Idlib we are now hearing a the drums of war beat full force.

This atrocity comes at a very convenient time for Neo-Cons in the United States government who just this week watched their years long chess game to drag the U.S. into yet another quaqmire, one that has greater ability to force the ultimate outcome coveted by globalists, a confrontation with Russia. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent many in the swamp into a furor when he stated earlier this week that the U.S. had no plans to pursue removal of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad from power, stating that the Syrian people would be the ones who determine the leaders fate. This effectively put an end to a war Washington has openly moved towards during Obama’s second campaign.

Fast forward a few days to the now infamous chemical agent attack on the rebel held town of Khan Sheikhoun. The official story that is being broadcast globally is that the town was struck by weapons containing lethal Sarin gas that could only be delivered via airstrike. This is being pushed to reinforce that the attack could only have been executed by the Syrian Air Force at the behest of Assad. This narrative is convenient because it allows for little wiggle room in order to question the official narrative and allows the Mainstream Media to “debunk” and silence the theory that the attacks were a false flag staged by the Saudi and U.S. funded rebels to force President Trump to change his stance on Assad and push him to action against Assad.

In light of this recent attack one must not forget prototypical Neo-Con John McCain making a clandestine and little advertised solo trip to Syria after President Trumps inauguration, ostensibly to discuss how to continue the war against ISIS. It may be more likely that these conversations may have revolved around options and avenues the Neo-Con supported rebels could take to overthrow Assad and ensure the regime changes that the Deep State covets so much in its proxy war of territory with Russia. The trip makes us wonder what exactly was detailed and discussed by the openly globalist Senator and what one of the premier leaders of swamp dwelling Deep State promised in order to ensure continued U.S. meddling in Syria.

Now much of the previous company line from the Trump administration is being altered, reversed or abandoned all together as the President seems keen on sidelining his previously stated desire to work with Russia to eliminate ISIS forces from Syria and is instead now keen on pursuing the removal of Assad much like his globalist, Neo-Con predecessor. This is being lauded by such Deep State cancers as Senators Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and the ever present McCain. That alone should be enough to set the warning sirens blaring.

The coincidence of all this is too convenient to ignore is light of all we know about the Deep State and how it can utilize covert false flags to manipulate global events and actions. Dr. Ron Paul first spoke out about this and was confident in his assessment that we must take this newest atrocity with a grain of salt so to speak and ensure we are not being sucked into another globalist orchestrated war by manipulation.

There is also questionable evidence being hidden and silenced around the web that leads us to further speculate on the pre-planning and execution surrounding the attack itself. From the perfectly timed delivery of gas masks and protective equipment that reached a key hospital in the afflicted province :

Then there is the dubious presence of the “White Hats” organization, an alleged humanitarian team that has links to globalist mastermind George Soros as well as the terrorist organization Al-Queda. The White Hats have come under repeated fire for their actions, including facing accusations of staged rescues.

Like the above mentioned doctor the group received chemical suits that are proofed against Sarin gas last month.

Of course it would seem that these White Hat workers are suddenly immune to Sarin gas as they didn’t need gloves or suits to rescue the afflicted. That in itself is absurd as they would have had direct contact with the active agent and been contaminated, facing the same effects as the victims of the attack.

Aid workers assist victims of alleged Sarin gas attack without the use of gloves to prevent contamination.

Then there is the question of where the chemicals came from if we are to believe that, as according the former Secretary of State John Kerry, the last confirmed chemical weapons in Assad’s arsenal were removed in 2014. We do know however that the Syrian rebels who would directly benefit more than any other party involved were given access to Sarin nerve gas by none other than the benevolent Hillary Clinton.


Considering there is much circumstantial evidence, that is ultimately weak in its conviction that Syria perpetrated the chemical gas attacks in 2014, this attack makes the previous allegations even more doubtful in the validity.

President Assad, whose forces have made significant gains in the ongoing war and who enjoyed immense support from Syrian voters when he was elected, stands to gain nothing by gassing a civilian population with weapons he is prohibited from having. Especially in light of Secretary of State Tillerson’s comments that the United States would not be pursuing his removal. It simply does not add up that he would perform this air strike and willingly bring about a possible attack from the U.N. and United States.

This situation reeks of Deep State manipulation and a resulting false flag and President Trump will do well to avoid being forced into a war that was planned by a predecessor who no doubt expected to pass the torch to Hilary Clinton in January.

Looming Testimony of Michael Flynn Further Clouds Trump-Russia Narrative


Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn agreed to testify before the House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the alleged ties between President Trump and Russia that is dominating current media headlines.

The progressive establishment, Deep State and their media puppets are rabidly foaming over the news as they attempt to twist the story to support their failing narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the November elections. Pundits and shills are screaming that Gen. Flynn’s demands for immunity are clear evidence of his intentions to “flip” and spill the beans on evidence that will finally damn the current POTUS.

This may not be the case however as President Trump tweeted his support for Gen. Flynn this morning, something he is quite unlikely to do if he felt that Flynn posed a threat to his administration. This is reinforced by the fact that the president has no problem publicaly calling out his opponents.

The second piece of information that is being avoided by the Mainstream Media is a letter released by Robert Kelner, Gen. Flynn’s lawyer. The letter does not overtly corroberate that Flynn is seeking immunity nor does it imply maning evidence on President Trump incoming. Rather, the letter seems to imply the willingness to testify may be based on Flynn’s desire to clear his smeared and defamed name after his resignation earlier this year.


Letter release on Thursday by Gen. Michael Flynn’s lawyer.


It would seem odd that a man who was a high profile victim of the lefts war on the current POTUS would be willing to aide those who removed him from his post as the National Security Adviser. His political assassination was public and high profile, the manner in which it was performed was brutal and merciless and it was led by the Deep State and progressive establishment. Also of note is how he was humiliated by the Obama administration and then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton years ago after he refused to tow the company line that ISIL was not a radical Islamic danger.

No, it would certainly seem a stretch to think that Gen. Flynn would be so willing to aide his destroyers. It may be far more plausible to think that a man humiliated by the Deep State, one who was privy to state secrets and possibly aware of the Obama administrations dirty secrets, would desire to add weight to the looming revelations of evidence held by Rep. Devin Nunes and the Trump administration that is alleged to reveal the rampant abuse of surveillance and power by Obama.

This is all conjecture of course, and at this point in the circus that is swallowing Capitol Hill anything is possible. The fact that the Intelligence Committee has yet to accept Flynn’s offer is noteworthy as the Deep State must now plan its chess moves far more strategically as it awaits the revelation of the “wiretapping” and NSA Whistle blower evidence and as such must ensure that any allowances to Flynn will not further erode its position in the ongoing power struggle with President Trump.

The coming weeks certainly promise plenty of fireworks to come it would seem.

Op-Ed : How the Left’s Tolerance has Censored Society into Silence


Political correctness has been the progressive globalists single most effective weapon during their march towards the domination of a one world government. That is a shocking claim, I know, but it is true nonetheless.

Racism, tolerance, intolerance, acceptance, bigotry, feminism, misogyny, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, homophobia, transphobia, the list of weaponized labels is seemingly endless. This myriad pool of options for silencing opposition comes in a one size fits all pool of useful tags with which liberals are able to shut down, smear and publicly assassinate those who oppose their views.

We have seen the weaponization of words by the progressive party at work for decades in America but the effectiveness of this war has yielded its most substantial results during the 8 year Presidency of the liberal parties golden child, Obama. The “Social Justice” movement that has been propped up by the left and its financial benefactors, such as George Soros, through proxies such as MoveOn.org, Ars Publica and Media Matters, has now infiltrated and planted its poisonous roots inside the media, the establishment, and perhaps most concerning of all, in Academia.

The three entities mentioned above have created a three headed monster, a Hydra if you will allow me to label it as such, that prop each other up and feed the masses through their successful integration into society. This Hydra has created an echo chamber of sorts in public life that allows for though control and censorship to pervade almost every aspect of American life and culture. The thought police have literally come for us, being present on the television and radio, proliferating on Twitter and Facebook, being preached inside middle school, High School and College class rooms around the nation and perhaps worst of all, reinforced and sanctioned by the establishment on Capitol Hill. The forced consumption of the progressive narrative is one of the most successful propaganda programs in human history.

This of course may seem like an extreme assertion but it is so effective, so dangerous and so massive an undertaking that there is no “light” way to explain this epidemic facing the freedom of thought and speech that is a near sacred component of American culture and liberty.

The real danger inherent in this line of “Social Justice” thought is that it is built on what seems like wholesome and mostly logical ideas for an “enlightened” society. Tolerance, acceptance, freedom to pursue sexual orientation and practice religion freely seem like they should be hallmarks of the liberty minded American society. The problem is that these ideas are wielded as weapons in order to subvert and destroy the traditional moral fabric of traditional Western cultures and values.

The tolerance and acceptance that is meted out for adherents of progressive culture only applies for members of the hive mind. There is no place for the expression of other beliefs and thoughts as they are immediately silenced and forcefully eliminated with screeching cries of “bigot” and “misogonyst”. This is of course calculated as a move designed to preserve the ideologies of the left, ideologies that cannot stand on their own legs in a fact laden debate. If you are unable to defend your beliefs when confronted with facts the only other option that is left to you is to silence the opposition to your ideals. With this model the progressive puppets of the Deep State and its globalist masters have perfected the art of censorship.

When we are being told that we must accept that there are more than two genders based on the soft sciences of psychology and sociology without the presentation of hard, scientific evidence, we see this practice at work. Those who refuse to accept this new dogma are publicly assassinated. The same can be said for any who would be skeptical of climate change, vaccines and big pharma, even questioning the validity of President Trumps supposed Russian ties or the integrity of the media that reports on it, or many other culturally sensitive topics.

Currently though, the biggest elephant in the room that is using this form of free speech gagging censorship is Islam.

As Europe reaches a boiling point, facing the reality that its Western cultures and values may well face erasure in the coming decades if the tide of unchecked immigration and refugees is not halted, we now see the reality of the Orwielien thought policing in full force. The crises in Sweden can no longer be ignored but rather than acknowledge the reality of their problem the nation is doubling down on its flawed and insane belief that more tolerance on the part of the host nation will, somehow, stop the hate crimes, terror attacks and radical actions of the barbarians they have allowed inside their city gates.


Laws to enforce new hate crimes are in full effect. Citizens are arrested and charged with hate crimes for eating pork in front of the fragile psyche of resident Muslims. Children are removed from homes and snatched from parents if they are not deemed as successfully following the norms of the “new Sweden”. The police officer turned whistleblower, Peter Springare, is now facing “hate crime” charges for speaking the truth about the level of crimes committed by refugees and migrants and all the while, the Swedish media remains gagged and is forced to alter crime stats and censor its reporting so as to dismiss the reality of what is facing Sweden.

Similar laws and methods are enforced throughout a Europe that is inexplicably incapable of admitting the truth and taking actions to preserve its existence. Nations are gagging their natural born citizens, tying their hands behind their backs and betraying them to a host of invaders. Science and Academia have spent decades trying to scrub Christianity out of the mainstream yet they are doing backflips to force the same people they have silenced over their Judeo-Christian Western heritage to accept and speak no ill of Islam. Yet, the real hypocrisy exists in a Europe where Muslims are allowed to engage in hate speech, taunts, threats, verbal and physical abuse and sexual assaults without facing a backlash that political correctness police are ever eager to label as racist oppression.

Much of this movement for political correctness and tolerance has been confined to Europe and the United Kingdom but last week Canada passed a law, dubbed the “Blasphemy Bill” that will pave the way for the silencing of any opposition and criticism of Islam in Canada. The bill was pushed by Canadian MP Irqa Khalid, who is of course a Muslim, and supported by ultra progressive Canadian PM Trudeau and his liberal party even though it faced strong opposition by a Canadian populace who have overwhelmingly spoken out against the blatant intrusion into free speech.

Again, to highlight the double standard of the left, a counter bill was proposed that followed the same general guidelines but expanded the bill to include opposition to criticism and hate speech of Christianity and Judaism. This was rejected by pathetic Khalid on the grounds that it would “water down” the message. In other words, protections should only exist for Islam and its adherents.

This is vital of course to the continued expansion of a violent ideology that is being used as a hammer by the globalist elites to smash Western nationalities, identities and sovereign borders in their continual quest to enforce a one world government and society.

Ultimately, the political correctness that plagues us in this modern society is a manifestation of the culture of the Marxist left. It is a weapon that chokes free speech from the media, from school campuses, from the workplace, Facebook, Twitter, the local coffee shop and church down the street. The left has played on the well meaning ideal of tolerance and acceptance to trap America into a cultural Marxist prison that prohibits any from espousing ideas and views that are a danger to the collective. Socialism is a cancer and it is spreading through the Marxist revival thrust upon this nation by the globalist puppets and swamp monsters that pervade Congress, the Senate and the Deep State and its growth is permitted through the active war on free speech and progressive thought policing. The example using the expansion of Islam presented above is perhaps one of the most dangerous weapons being thrust upon Western society that utilizes the tolerance based censorship to further its agenda but many other issues facing this nation follow the same blue print. Gender and identity politics, immigration, climate change, third wave feminism, all these progressive agendas are forced upon the masses using the same tactic of censorship in order to silence opposition.

The NDAA and its provisions to censor and control what is deemed acceptable for public consumption via the media and the internet courtesy of Obama ensuring that the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” was passed before he left office has helped further the globalist progressive war on free speech. This is just another round in the chamber so to speak, useful to a corrupt establishment that is working with Facebook, Google and Twitter, arguably the three largest outlets for daily media consumption for sheeple to actively control what is seen, shared and ultimately spread to the masses and the driving force behind what is used to gauge the “acceptability” of content is liberal tolerance and political correctness.

The first amendment is facing an unparalled threat to its existence, a threat unlike anything it has faced previously and the greatest danger is the fact that the silencing of free speech is being succesfully executed by the progressive globalists without having to be removed from the Constitution and as such is being destroyed right in front of oblivious sheeple around the nation.



The Deep State Chess Game to Unseat President Trump is Reaching its Climax


Since the election one has hardly been able to escape the screeching emanating from the Mainstream Media and the multitudes of progressive shills that revolves around President Trump’s illegitimacy as the nations Commander in Chief. Everything from his tax records, to his “locker room talk” to his apparent connections to Russia, something that is still lacking a smoking gun, have been thrown at the American public endlessly. The veracity with which the Deep State and its puppets have taken to this endeavor should be enough of a warning sign to the discerning citizen that all may not be as the establishment wishes us to believe.

This past week has seen the Russia-Trump collusion theory approach an explosive climax. Many on the left are of course expecting the explosion of this powder keg to bring down the current President and usher in his impeachment or resignation and allow for the exercising of the dubious 25 Amendment, a repulsive addition to our Constitution that was amended by the questionable Lyndon B. Johnson to assure his ascendancy to the throne was smooth and unassailable after the murder of President John F. Kennedy. There is however more evidence emerging that this may not be the outcome that has up until recently been bandied about as inevitable.

The bombshell revelations presented by California Rep. Devin Nunes on Wednesday that supported President Trumps claims of surveillance have now given the embattled President and his administration much needed ammunition in a bitter struggle. The evidence comes from a release brought forth by the Judicial Watch organization, a group dedicated to the policing of government actions by private, liberty minded citizens. The group has brought to light the existence of 47 hard drives of information revealing the illicit surveillance performed on members of the Presidents administration and the President himself. The hard drives were delivered by whistle blower Dennis Montgomery, an intelligence community insider.

This is the evidence released to Rep. Nunes that spurred an impromptu press conference that was held without notification to the other congressional committee members. The method of the press conference should help add weight to the severity of this situation as Rep. Nunes is now facing a fusillade of fire from the establishment over his actions, actions that were executed in order to prevent the shills in the establishment, Deep State and Mainstream Media to be able to censor, lie and manipulate public opinion. The Californian congressmen has also been prompted to hold a closed door meeting with the FBI and NSA today over the evidence, this is especially noteworthy as both FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers both denied seeing evidence that supported President Trumps claims of surveillance and that Comey had avoided contact with Nunes immediately after the representative discovered the pertinent information, this could of course explain the unscheduled arrival of Comey this morning at the White House.

What happens next is crucial to both the survival of President Trump as well as how the war to “drain the swamp” and upend the Deep State progresses. If this evidence proves that Obama illegally monitored President Trump and members of his cabinet the nation could be looking at a Watergate level scandal and it won’t start and stop with the former President. The falling dominoes would potentially include multiple members of the intelligence community as well as key members of Obama’s administration and former members of the Department of Justice such as Sally Yates.

The carefully constructed grilling of Comey by South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy on Monday was successful in getting the evasive director to name multiple members of the CIA, FBI, NSA and DOJ who would have had the ability to illegally unmask not only former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn but also now the current POTUS and multiple members of his campaign, a crime that Nunes was quick to point out as carrying a 5 year sentence as a felony and, for whoever leaked Flynn’s name to the press, a 10 year sentence.

This is a scandal that could well demolish the status quo and the Deep State and would force millions of Americans to face cold hard and extremely uncomfortable facts about their beloved government. If President Trump truly wants to drain the swamp and break the back of the Deep State, this could be the way to do that. There has certainly been much howling from the establishment over these developments, something that almost always serves as a sign of a legitimate threat to its existence. Both Deep State shills and media puppets have begun to blast Nunes over his actions, trying to claim that he must be on the Russian-Trump take and calling for an independent investigation. If Sen. McCain and the ever lame Rep. Schiff begin beating the war drum then Nunes is clearly onto something here.

Of course, that outcome, much like the possibility of his potential impeachment at the hands of a crooked congress, depends on what politicians such as Rep. Nunes choose to do with the information as well as what approach Comey and Rogers take, something that is less than clear as they too could face political ruin depending on who the chips fall. Rather than cover the evidence that their Golden Boy Obama likely broke federal laws the Mainstream is instead rabidly trying to twist the coming hearing of James Manafort, President Trumps Campaign Manger, as proof that the POTUS is in fact a filthy, corrupt Russian agent. The United States government and the future of liberty in this nation are facing a crises and flash point unlike anything previously. This is bigger than Watergate or the Oval office scandal faced by Bill Clinton and the people need to be more discerning and aware than ever before as their future could be altered permanently based on the outcomes of these hearings.

FBI to Investigate Right Wing News Sites it Claims Influenced the Election for Ties to Russia


The circus that is The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into potential cyber warfare performed by Russia to influence the election is now reaching astronomical levels of stupidity. The straws that are being grasped at in order to try and find some way to decisively impact President Trump in a negative manner, whether through impeachment or blatant smear jobs is fast becoming ridiculous.

News leaked yesterday that the FBI would begin to investigate alternative right wing news outlets, namely Infowars, Breitbart and the Russian Times. These sites all carry heavyweight recognition in the world of online news outlets and as such are being accused of colluding with Russian intelligence in order to fill social media such as Twitter and Facebook with “fake news” aimed at undermining Hilary Clinton and by proxy handing the election to President Donald J. Trump.

Breitbart’s presence on this list may be worth monitoring above the rest due to its special connection to current presidential adviser Steve Bannon, who was the news jugernauts CEO before leaving to assist President Trump, both before and after his election. This connection will no doubt be railed upon as evidence of ill intent.

If we can overlook the fact that the FBI is choosing to blatantly ignore the likely reality that Clinton lost due to the fact that she was the weaker candidate, who was not trusted by a silent majority that did not want 4 more years of the Obama agenda then I suppose the need to find more scapegoats is plausible in order to placate and soothe snowflakes that are still unable to cope with the realities of life in America after the election.

What we are seeing here is a recycled narrative being pushed by an establishment that clearly is running out of ways to manufacture evidence to support their claims of the Trump-Russia narrative. It would seem that we are finding ourselves waking up to news feeds on repeat, the Mainstream narrative has me feeling dangerously close to Bill Murray’s character in the movie Groundhog Day.

The ressurection of the Fake News narrative should come as no surprise for any who watched the joke that was the hearing of FBI James Comey on Capital Hill yesterday, where The Washington Post and the debunked “Russian Dossier” suddenly count as evidence again. No, this construct allows for the story that Russia did in fact, somehow, steal the election from Hilary Clinton by the dissemination of “Russian Propaganda”.

The main charge lies around the claim that Russian Intelligence and Cyber Warfare communities created a virtual army of “bots” whose role centered around spamming millions of links to the previously mentioned right wing news sites to top social media sites. The FBI claims that this steered and manipulated public awareness and created a Pro-Trump, Anti-Hilary environment that ultimately led to the crooked former Secretary of States loss on November 8th. Again, never mind the fact that Clinton had miraculously dodged guilt over her actions at Benghazi, avoided attention over a deal that gave Russia 20% of our Uranium and then proceeded to loudly assist in the saber rattling that was aimed at Russia during Obama’s final months and dodged any consequence over the Podesta email scandal.

No, Hilary didn’t do this to herself, at least that is the narrative. Russia, the alt-media and Wikileaks did this to her and snatched the crown out of the queen to be’s reach.

What is more worrisome though over this new “investigation” is how the Deep State appears to be ramping up its war on free speech by painting everything counter to the establishment approved narrative as dangerous propaganda. We detailed earlier this week the steps being taken by google to censor its search algorithms as well as a bill introduced in New York that aims to force the silencing of any online material that is not deemed safe or approved by our swamp monster overlords.

It will be important for those who are awake and aware of the greater narrative and game being played in this country by the global elites to not allow this investigation to be hidden on the back burner lest we wake up and find that we are no longer allowed to pursue news sources and narratives that keep the lies of the mainstream in check.

Congressional Hearing Starring FBI Director James Comey Devolves Into Deep State Shill Echo Chamber


Today heralded the highly anticipated appearance of current FBI Director James Director for questioning before the The House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the fast failing Russian-Trump connection conspiracy theory. No doubt many progressive puppets and shills have excited counted down to this event hoping for bombshell news that would salvage the broken logic behind a theory used to self medicate the psychological trauma suffered by snowflakes the world wide that was induced by the monumental victory of President Donald J. Trump in Novembers elections.

Unfortunately for them, that didn’t happen. Instead the hearing confirmed that Russia, if it even did hack the United States polling sites on the eve of November 8th, did not tamper with or alter the vote tallies. That is the perhaps the most vital piece of information that surfaced from this hours long session of congress that seemingly served as a platform for Deep State operatives and globalist shills to hear themselves speak.

One must not overlook the bombshell of enlightenment that was the revelation of Russian President Vladimir Putin being identified as a “Tarantula in a web”. That is important lest we be caught unawares by the hybrid human-arachnid army that Russia will no doubt loose upon a vulnerable United States under the weak leadership of a President who is clearly a Russian agent due to his refusal to drag us into a nuclear tipped World War 3 with the purely and wholly evil Russkies.

Laughable, I know, but much of the diatribe that emanated from king shill, Rep. Schiff and his allies today centered around this logic. President Trumps inaction against the nefarious Russian Empire is evidence of his guilt of collusion with the eastern superpower.

As we mentioned last night after Rep. Nunes stated he has seen no evidence of Russian collusion, today would most likely allow a glimpse into the new tactics of delegitimizing a President who was vindicated this past week of his, non-existent, Russian connections and his, again non-existent, tax fraud. What we see is grown men and women who the public approved as worthy of leading this nation accost Director Comey with various rants that can be summed up as “Muh Russia”. It would seem that the establishment is far more obsessed with Vladimir Putin than the acting President they are accusing of being in bed with the Russian leader.

No, the hearing devolved into a strange therapy session that seems to show that articles from The Washington Post and tweets from known agitator Roger Stone are perfect bodies of evidence from which to validate baseless accusations against the POTUS. This blatant reinforcement of the government propaganda that is Jeff Bezos political rag rings more of an attempt to force skeptics to accept this contrived narrative against President Trump that is blasted by the failing Mainstream Media when the increasingly noticeable lack of evidence to support these wild claims undermines the case, though we did get to see the resurfacing of the bogus “Golden Showers” dossier provided by Christopher Steele and funded by John “everyone works for Putin” McCain earlier this year.

This in a nutshell seems to be the blueprint for what we will no doubt continue to be forced to swallow in the coming weeks, months, and judging by the snails pace that congress often moves, perhaps years, as fact by an unhinged establishment that tries to subvert and destroy the acting President with baseless slander. The lack of evidence will be covered up by the fact that they will continue a broken investigation, because as long as the investigation continues shills and puppets will be able to claim that some validity behind these claims must exist since it cannot be definitively closed. This will allow every action by President Trump to be scrutinized and will allow for the Warhawks and Neo-Con puppets to for continued status quo as painting the Russia as the great enemy that must ultimately be dealt with, by whichever administration they can force into conflict with Russia.

Besides this inevitable deluge of mental gymnastics that will force its way into our minds via the internet, T.V. and radio will the be fact that many liberal, progressive echo boxes such as MSNBC and CNN are chalking today up as a win for the anti-Trump establishment.

The Logic?

A section of the hearing wherein Comey confirms that there is indeed a probe ongoing into whether or not President Trump and his administration colluded with Russia. Yeah, I don’t see the checkmate either but sheeple around the country seem to. Really though, all the statement did was allow a mental back flip for regressive’s to say that, as mentioned earlier, since there is an investigation then something surely happened.

What happened was that Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was soundly rejected by a nation that refused to accept her lies and saw through the smoke and mirrors to the reality that was an extremely dangerous individual who is unqualified to be President of the United States. This is a sour pill to the millennials, social justice warriors, sheeple, shills and puppets to swallow, something they refuse to do 5 months after their ideological golden queen lost the election. Now, in a court where rag papers and social media count as evidence, we are seeing a narrative being built where the election was lost due to the Podesta / Clinton email scandal, which is Russia’s fault, not the fault of a criminal candidate who a voting majority deemed unfit to lead.

Ultimately, today was pointless and reflective of the cancer that prevents any kind of success or progress in this country. This is the swamp at work, the Deep State is running at full speed and efficiency right now, likely due to the fact that it feels the presence of real threat to its existence and as such will fight with every ounce of its being. This quagmire will continue along, trying its best to preserve itself while attempting to drown all who fight to drain it.

Settle in because it looks like this Russian narrative still has a lot of life left in it.



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