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Trump Slams CNN: “You Are Fake News”, Crowd Applauds

The conversation about “Fake News” hasn’t ended, it’s just getting started. During a press-conference today (January 11th, 2017), president elect Donald J. Trump slams CNN, calling them “fake news”. A CNN reporter repeatedly interrupts and yells over other reporters demanding Trump answer a question since he is attacking the broadcast station. Trump denies his request, calling CNN a “terrible organization”. To understand the “fake news” issue, read this NEXT … Keep Reading

There’s a Battle Raging on The Internet Right Now: Here’s Your Cheat-Sheet to The “Fake News” Epidemic

Fake news began as a nebulous term propagated by the mass-media shortly after Donald Trump unexpectedly won the Presidential Election.   The term was hastily introduced and ill-defined by the institutions and pundits that began proliferating it. Up until the November election, the term was rarely used, but within days it became an all out emergency of misinformation, according to the mass-media. Everything from hoax sites and Russian government propaganda, to both right and left… … Keep Reading

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