Brexit Officially Deals its Blow to Globalism


Yesterday British Prime Minister Theresa May made the United Kingdoms exit from the European Union official by signing Article 50 into existence. The document was delivered to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk by a UK diplomat and now, there is no turning back for the United Kingdom as they hurdle towards independence and freedom from the European monolith.

The ramifications of Brexit may have been marginalized for forgotten in a country that is enraptured in the ongoing misdirection and fake news that is circling the contrived Trump-Russia narrative and the now failed Obamacare replacement bill but yesterday marked a huge victory for populists and those around the world who oppose the loss of their freedom and liberty at the hands of the globalist monster. The United Kingdom was the first member of the EU to listen to the demands of its citizens and leave the blood sucking entity that represents elitists like Soros’ ideal globalized government. The timing of this movement will no doubt embolden French voters who continue to grow in their support of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who many have likened to the French Donald Trump. Le Pen has ridden the wave of populism that swelled with the election of President Donald Trump and has seen huge gains in popularity the past few months in France.

Populism is sweeping Europe and although Dutch MP Geert Wilders and his populist based party did not win control of the Dutch Parliament, pro EU and immigration parties were handed massive blows in the polls and lost significant ground due to an increasingly aware populace that is resisting globalism. The boost from Brexit will no doubt be seized upon by parties opposing the monster that is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, perhaps the most prototypical European globalist politician, to try and foster increased zeal for populism in their nations.

The strains that are now being experienced by the European Union, NATO and the United Nations, all puppets of the progressive globalist elites and their view for a one world government, have not gone unnoticed. Traitorous RINO Senator John McCain was on a European tour this week were he was noted at the Brussels Forum as saying that the “new world order under enormous strain”. The globalist stooge emphasized his “trust” in the EU and that the globalists desire for their new world must be defended in “the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism” it now faces, radicalism of course represents populism, nationalism and any other movement that is detrimental to the successful establishment of a monolithic one world government. McCain has become increasingly unhinged since the election of a President that represents the opposite of the fake American politicians globalist views, one need only remember his senile and delusional meltdown over the objection to further U.N. expansion by Senator Rand Paul.

McCain may well be the most obvious shill that has purposefully inserted himself in the path of President Trump in anyway he finds. He represents a perfect picture of the extent of globalist corruption and puppetry that has infected the “swamp” that pervades American politics, a swamp that cares little for the sovereignty of the United States and exists to further the destruction of America while further incorporating it into the global machine.

For those of us who oppose the tyranny that will imposed by the globalist machine, Brexit represents a massive victory, one that coupled with the victory of President Trump and the surging populist movement in Europe, marks a shift in the the war against globalism. Opposition has taken root and emerged victorious in several key battles and if the surge continues could deal massive blows to the globalist scum such as Soros and his ilks agenda and keep liberty and freedom alive.


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