Breaking : Terror Attack In London, 4 Dead, Multiple Injuries


In what appears to be another shameful display from the tolerant Islamist a terrorist has killed 4 and injured multiple civilians and police officers in London this morning.

The attacker was shot by police officers in London after he breached the gates of Parliament and made it a mere 40 yards from United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May before he was shot by responding police officers as he attempted to breach as he rushed towards the Palace of Westminster after stabbing his first victim. The PM was quickly evacuated and is unharmed.

The suspect has been identified by Khalid Masood. Masood had a history of violence and aggression that manifested itself in convictions for assault, public misconduct and possession of weapons, he did not however have any charges related to extremism or terrorism previous to the attack.

Image captured of the London terrorist being loaded onto an ambulance.

The attacker drove a 4×4 vehicle down Westminster Bridge this morning where he was described as “mowing down” pedestrians, clearly with intent to kill or harm. He then proceeded to drive into fencing that separates the British Parliament Buildings from the public where he hopped out of the vehicle and fatally stabbed on Police Officer before ultimately being shot by responding law enforcement.

Authorities are confirming that the killer is now dead along with 3 other victims. There are over 20 injured being reported varying from critical to less severe cases.

The London authorities are treating the incident as a clear terror attack. There were unsubstantiated claims of a separate explosion that occurred during the attack that is not being verified at this time. Police officials are also now stating that the attacker operated alone, putting to rest for the time being claims that there was a second attacker who is still at large, though law enforcement are warning British citizens to be wary of potential “copy cat” attacks today.

As noted by The Gateway Pundit, there is much celebration being had online by various terror groups today. The Mirror has reported early this morning that ISIS is now claiming responsibility for the attack and as of now 8 people have been arrested in connection to the attack, which is now being investigated as a terrorist attack.

This attack will keep radical Islam at the forefront of a Europe that is still mired in the refugee crises and now contending with an increasingly hostile Turkey. With key political races in France in Germany this year and a surging Populism movement built much on nationalism, the attack this morning will no doubt be seized upon by opponents of Islam and the globalists that would use it to reshape the world. No doubt, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen will be able to use this sensless attack to bolster her argument for stronger national borders and the implementation of deportation programs to evict the thousands of Muslim refugees that roam France.

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