Attack on Sessions: Main Stream Media and Establishment Politicians Move to Dethrone Trump by Politically Assassinating his Cabinet


A mere few weeks removed from the “scandal” that culminated in the political assassination of retired Gen. Michael Flynn from the role as National Security Advisor, a move that allowed the establishment to plant another Deep State, Neo-Con Gen McMaster’s on President Trump’s cabinet, we now see the wheels again turning as the fetid swamp monsters set their sites on A.G. Session’s.

Establishment shills, both Democrat and Republican, are rallying around a Washington Post article published last night that alleges the new Attorney General lied under oath regarding his contacts with Russia before President Trump’s inauguration. These voices include the usual suspects of Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as well as several notable Republicans playing the noble long con such as Lindsey Graham, all of whom are now demanding the immediate resignation like a squawking gaggle of mindless puppets in much the same way they did when forcing the same outcome onto Michael Flynn.

They are of course being backed up by the ever present George Soros, whose funded group has assembled protesters demanding the same thing outside of the DOJ.

The allegations center around exchanges between Sessions and Democrats Al Franken and Patrick Leahy but, as pointed out in this zerohedge article, the premise of the article spawned by establishment media puppet WaPo is based on semantics and the twisting of words and by extension, public perception. The article tries to paint a picture that portrays a defiant Session’s lying about his two unreported meetings with Russian Ambassador Segey Kislyak that occurred prior to the election, one which occurred in July and another in October.

The reality of the situation is to be found by parsing the questions asked and the context in which they were asked. Session’s had been asked if he had “…been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election, either before or after election day?”, to which he replied “No”. His personal statement that he ““never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign.” reflects this as he and his camp maintain that his meetings were not centered around the election, hence his denials.

Rather than allowing truth and facts to prevail, the establishment is instead using its age old tactic of misrepresented information to be validated by an echo chamber of group think and media manipulation in order to try and politically assassinate yet another member of President Trump’s administration, one who will be in a position to control flow of information emanating from the FBI regarding any “Russian Ties” allegations. A position that if used wisely by the new President, will allow the administration to quash what seems to be the establishments primary weapon on the road to de-legitimize and, possibly, impeach a President who preaches a desire to drain the swamp and give power back to the nations citizens.

After capitulating rather quickly to the establishment attacks mounted against Michael Flynn, President Trump now faces a critical juncture in his early tenure in office. By surrendering yet another piece from the chess board he will only further embolden an enemy that sensed a great victory won by eliminating General Flynn and will allow further credence to be added to the Russian narrative that has until this week slowly lost steam and public support. Trump has voiced his “total confidence” in Sessions today while the Kremlin has denied yet another smear job, pointing at the deep states desire to continue fomenting its “Russophobia” and anti-Russian hysteria.

Of further note, a coincidence too good to be true, is an article published in the New York Times that alleges that a brave Obama with the gift of foresight has hidden documents and smoking guns detailing President Trump’s ties to Russia. All this after reports of Obama joining his partner in crime, literally, Eric Holder in a renewed role leading the opposition to President Trump, one that seemingly has the end goal of impeachment.

Ultimately, whether Sessions resigns or defiantly remains in his new role as Attorney General, the Russian narrative that is still being used in a last ditch attempt to derail President Trumps Presidency will continue for the time being. The second coming of Obama, spearheading the opposition and the open revolt of known deep state Neo-Cons such as Graham and John McCain who are clamoring for a hand-picked special investigation committee into the still baseless Russian allegations will in all likelihood persist throughout the Presidents tenure.

Pressure is already being mounted against current FBI Director James Comey, who is being accused of withholding “crucial information” from congress. California Representative Adam Schiff is leading these claims. Noise is also being raised that is implying that Comey is being directed by Sessions as to what should and should not be disclosed and is being counseled to be uncooperative on the subject.

But, rather than work on improving the nation for it’s citizens, the establishment would rather continue it’s vain witch hunt for information that can console a party still unable to accept it’s November defeat while simultaneously continuing it’s desire to drag the U.S. into a confrontation with its increasingly smeared and vilified eastern neighbor.


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