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Idiocracy Today : Fake “Golden Showers” Dossier on President Trump Was Catalyst For “Wiretapping”

At some distant point in the future, provided we salvage enough of this country over the next 4 to 8 years to make it there, we will look back at the first 100 days of President Trump’s administration and shake our heads in disbelief at the shameless comedy that is the current timeline we are living in. We have covered in depth the progressive establishment and its endless campaign to undermine, discredit and ultimately impeach… … Keep Reading

Will Turkey’s Newly Empowered Dictator Plunge the West into a “Holy War”

Much news made public concerning the Middle East currently revolves around the flash point in Syria and the endless war against ISIS. Little attention has been adequately given to the Turkish referendum vote that was held last night. The central issues that the election centered on pertained to constitutional changes put forward by current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling political party. The alterations to Turkey’s standing constitutional will solidify Erdoğan’s control over the… … Keep Reading

Deep State Maneuvering Trump into Syrian War

After the news broke yesterday that a gas attack, using banned chemical weapons, was allegedly perpetrated by the Assad led Syrian government against civilians in the rebel held province of Idlib we are now hearing a the drums of war beat full force. This atrocity comes at a very convenient time for Neo-Cons in the United States government who just this week watched their years long chess game to drag the U.S. into yet another quaqmire,… … Keep Reading

Breaking : Tolerant Islamists Detonate Bomb in Russian Metro Car

Reports coming from St. Petersburg, Russia, this morning indicate that a terror attack was perpetrated in a metro station in the populous city. В Петербурге на станции "Технологический институт" произошёл взрыв в вагоне метро. pic.twitter.com/vx3PoLbCgJ — Лентач (@the_lentach) April 3, 2017   Russian officials are stating that a nail bomb was detonated inside one of a metro trains after an unknown man threw a backpack containing the bomb into the densely packed metro car.  Current… … Keep Reading

Looming Testimony of Michael Flynn Further Clouds Trump-Russia Narrative

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn agreed to testify before the House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the alleged ties between President Trump and Russia that is dominating current media headlines. The progressive establishment, Deep State and their media puppets are rabidly foaming over the news as they attempt to twist the story to support their failing narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia in order to… … Keep Reading

Op-Ed : How the Left’s Tolerance has Censored Society into Silence

Political correctness has been the progressive globalists single most effective weapon during their march towards the domination of a one world government. That is a shocking claim, I know, but it is true nonetheless. Racism, tolerance, intolerance, acceptance, bigotry, feminism, misogyny, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, homophobia, transphobia, the list of weaponized labels is seemingly endless. This myriad pool of options for silencing opposition comes in a one size fits all pool of useful tags with which liberals… … Keep Reading

The Deep State Chess Game to Unseat President Trump is Reaching its Climax

Since the election one has hardly been able to escape the screeching emanating from the Mainstream Media and the multitudes of progressive shills that revolves around President Trump’s illegitimacy as the nations Commander in Chief. Everything from his tax records, to his “locker room talk” to his apparent connections to Russia, something that is still lacking a smoking gun, have been thrown at the American public endlessly. The veracity with which the Deep State and… … Keep Reading

Breaking : Terror Attack In London, 4 Dead, Multiple Injuries

In what appears to be another shameful display from the tolerant Islamist a terrorist has killed 4 and injured multiple civilians and police officers in London this morning. London terror attack witness video: People flee as shots are fired at #Westminster pic.twitter.com/ocl3fCsTf7 — The Telegraph (@Telegraph) March 22, 2017 The attacker was shot by police officers in London after he breached the gates of Parliament and made it a mere 40 yards from United Kingdom… … Keep Reading

Congressional Hearing Starring FBI Director James Comey Devolves Into Deep State Shill Echo Chamber

Today heralded the highly anticipated appearance of current FBI Director James Director for questioning before the The House Intelligence Committee that is investigating the fast failing Russian-Trump connection conspiracy theory. No doubt many progressive puppets and shills have excited counted down to this event hoping for bombshell news that would salvage the broken logic behind a theory used to self medicate the psychological trauma suffered by snowflakes the world wide that was induced by the monumental… … Keep Reading

Surprise, Surprise, No Evidence of the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Exists

In an appearance on the Today Show earlier this morning, California Representative David Nunes, chairman of The House Intelligence Committee tasked with the investigation into the alleged Trump-Russia connection that propelled the populist leader to victory through hacking the election, stated frankly that he has seen “no evidence” that would suggest a “collusion” between the two parties. This comes after reports surfaced yesterday that certain Democratic officials began to put the warning out through their channels… … Keep Reading

Progressive Censorship Continues to Erode Free Speech

Although we are living in a nation led by a Trump administration the progressive Marxist war of free speech is seemingly finding new ways to continue its attacks on differing opinions and topics that clash with the social justice narrative. It was revealed yesterday that tech giant Google, arguably the gatekeeper to the internet for millions who may not understand how to use alternative search engines and outlets, has stated its intent to begin flagging… … Keep Reading

Is the U.S. Willing to Enter a War with North Korea

There has been much saber rattling of late around the globe, noise emanating from the United Nations, China, Russia, the United States and the ever present North Korea. The small Asian nation with a dreadful Napoleon complex just can’t seem to stay off the national stage when it comes to its persistent need to try and prove some semblance of military and political superiority to the West. North Korea has become increasingly emboldened in its… … Keep Reading

After School Satan Club gets Special Treatment from IRS

  A statement just released from  JudicialWatch.org claims the IRS fast-tracked tax exempt status for the “After School Satan Club” launched by the Reason Alliance also operating as the satanic temple in Washington State. While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) makes conservative groups wait years for tax-exempt status an “After School Satan Club” launched to hinder Christian-based counterparts got its nonprofit ranking in just ten days, records obtained by Judicial Watch show. At the same… … Keep Reading

Wikileaks Julian Assange Warns of Deep State Coup led by Clinton

Yesterday evening Wikileaks founder Julien Assange posted 3 tweets detailing revelations regarding a Clinton led Deep State coup being plotted against President Trump. The allegations are shocking but, in light of how shocking the details regarding the CIA released via the Vault 7 dump last week, the potential validity should not be too surprising for serious observers. Below are the initial tweets sent out by Assange.   Clinton stated privately this month that she is… … Keep Reading

Big Brother CIA exposed by Latest Wikileaks Release

In what should be well known news, regardless of the Mainstreams attempt to silence and distort fact, Wikileaks has released the first round of documents in its much hyped Vault 7 CIA releases, comprising what it calls “the tip of the iceberg”. The magnitude of what has been released is comparable to the bombshells released on the NSA’s spying and monitering programs that whistle-blower Edward Snowden bravely leaked several years ago. What has been revealed… … Keep Reading

The Real cost of the European Migrant Crises

On Saturday, February 18th, President Trump made comments referring to the refugee crises in Europe, namely using Sweden as his example. He was immediately met with a hurricane of attacks, insults and smears from the establishment, the media and multitudes of self-important figures around the World. The assault was a counterattack by globalist puppets who are quick to initiate damage control and protect their open border views for society. If the reality of what faces… … Keep Reading

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